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Mar 17, 2006
Hi everyone, i had been playing at dead or alive poker during its beta testing period and now that theie live the money that i've won gets turned into real money that i can play with, and if i win anything over that , i can withdraw it, has anyone withdrawn yet, i havent been winning:(

heres the email i received from them:

Up until March 31st 2006, deposit using one of our preferred
deposit methods to take advantage of the following special first
deposit bonuses:

Deposit using NETeller and receive a 50% deposit bonus up to $1000.00

Deposit using FirePay and receive a 25% deposit bonus up to $1000.00
(Bonus Code: IMASPAMMER)

In order to receive the above rewards just log-in to your dead or alive poker
account and enable the real money cashier.
And don’t forget to set your Secret Question!

Don’t forget to tell your friends about dead or alive Poker to receive even
more bonus money. Refer your friends and they will receive $25 and you
will receive $50 for the referral.
Click here to start referring your friends today!
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Thanks Spear!
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