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Jun 25, 2021
I think something very weird happened to me.

I opened an account at dbosses.com.
Generous first offer with crazy wagering requirement, but I was aware of that.
So I lost my first deposit and had a balance of a few EUR cents left.

Then yesterday I got an email saying I could get another newcomer bonus with a 50% deposit bonus up to EUR 500 + 100 free spins.

So I click on claim in the email, and deposit and don't see any bonus money on my account.
So I start a chat and they say my old bonus with crazy wagering requirements was still active.
In other words, I just dumped EUR 666,66 in a bottomless pit. No bonus on this deposit, and I need to wager EUR 100.000 (based on an old bonus on which I lost my complete deposit) before I ever can withdraw a penny from a bonusless deposit.

I used up bonuses before at other casino's, and as soon as your balance reaches a very low level, I guess it's less than 1 EUR, or less than a min bet on any game, the bonus automatically cancels, your money is gone, but at least you can start all over with a fresh deposit and play without any old wagering requirements.
Either without bonus, or with a new bonus.
But a fresh start at least!

This is not the case with dbosses.com.
I asked them to at least give me the new bonus I claimed in the email they send me yesterday. Why send an email like that for new accounts, if you cannot claim it?
Or give me no bonus and let me wager my bonusless money without any old bonus requirements.

They hide behind systems unable to help me, but it is their system that send me an email that I am ready to claim my last new account bonus. I did, and now I am down a certain EUR 666,66 as I will never be able to wager 100.000 EUR with that kind of money.
So no bonus on this deposit, old bonus wagering requirements active (of which I lost my complete deposit), and even a max bet limit of EUR 5 per bet is also active based on the old bonus.

Is it me, or is this far from normal?

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At least I am not a new client anymore for them.
Now I am an old, used to be client 4ever for them.
But ofcourse they won't care as they just got some free money.
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1.7. Unless otherwise stated, active Bonus must be wagered within 7 days of issue, otherwise both bonus funds & winnings associated with the relevant bonus will be forfeited.
1.8. When you take part in a promotion, both deposited funds and bonus funds become the “bonus balance”.If a bonus is active the wagering must be completed, or the bonus must be zeroed out, in order for a withdrawal to be made. The only exception will be if you wish to withdraw his deposit only, in which case the bonus funds and any winnings will be forfeited.
1.9. If you have decided not to participate in a promotion(s), you have already opted into, you must contact DBOSSES CASINO Customer support and request cancellation of the bonus before placing any bets.

It would seem you are correct in your assumption that the bonus is not automatically cancelled. You would need to reduce your balance to zero.

It also seems you can ask customer support to remove it, providing no bets have been made.

You may also cancel your bonus and cash out your deposit by speaking with support. (sounds easy doesn't it, wonder if the reality is as smooth).

I know what you mean by cancelling when the balance gets low but I'm not actually sure if that's the way it works or if that's a misconception. Just guessing but I imagine any automated system will cancel the bonus tied to the account when the bonus money reaches zero, otherwise there would be complaints of bonus money being taken maybe - like I said, just guessing :)

I would try speaking with customer support and point them to 1.8 - the only exception will be if you wish to withdraw his deposit only,

Looks like they need a bit of proof-reading over their t&c's also :)

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