David Carruthers pleads guilty


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Apr 24, 2004
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Seems as if he made some kind of deal....

I seriously doubt that he's going to get 33 months in prison...

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"The case was prosecuted out of St. Louis in part because some of the victims were from here, in part because BetOnSports advertised near the Edward Jones Dome during St. Louis Rams games, and in part because some assistant U.S. attorneys here have expertise in going after those involved in Internet gambling, which is illegal in the U.S."

:rolleyes: These idiots never cease to amaze me...hell they are never going to admit the fact that gambling in the USA is only illegal in certain states..:mad:


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Feb 22, 2001
Two points to note

1) The DoJ has again been careful to ensure that the charges relate to sports betting - thus falling under the Wire Act (or so the DoJ continues to claim)

2) One of the conditions of Carruther's plea deal is that any jail sentence will not exceed 33 months. The judge may well decide to take the more than two years he has been under house arrest into consideration in passing sentence on October 2nd.

Reading between the lines it appears that many of the original charges have been withdrawn to secure this guilty plea.

It is still surprising, given Carruthers' frequent claims to innocence and his intention to strenuously fight the case. Perhaps the poor bugger was just fed up with wasting his life confined to house arrest and electronic ankle bands in St. Louis.

The DoJ are already trumpeting this as a major triumph.


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Jul 5, 2003
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IMO it's a clear sign that the DOJ cannot prosecute such cases, not even with sportsbetting.

If all the charges had been tried and had a base in real law, David would have found himself in jail for a very long time.

This looks to me as an attempt to save face by the DOJ, and I guess David was just understandably sick of this whole thing and agreed to let them.

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