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I have been playing in land based casinos for many years and for the last few months at online casinos. The online casinos I have been playing most at is the Club World group. I have played at all of their casinos but mostly at Club World and High Noon. I am not naive enough to think that one can consistently win at any casino. Sure one can win occasionally but in the long run the casinos will win. I want to compliment the Club World Group on their customer service as well as their quick payouts. But my complaint is this. I don't believe the hands are played strictly by random number generators. They seem to be programmed in such a way as to recognize a players pattern of play and deal cards accordingly to insure their win. I have noticed that aces come out much more frequently than random would suggest. Blackjacks for the house fly around like they were going out of style. Plus it seems like most of the time when a big bet is placed, the dealer will have a blackjack. There. I've vented. I really don't expect anything to be done but I was wondering if others on this forum have noticed this.


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Next to roulette, black jack is probably the most controversial game in on-line casinos. You will find a wide variety of opinions here but evidence of any wrongdoing by the casinos is scarce or nonexistent. Occasionally someone will pop in with a conspiracy type theory but without backing it up with real data it usually goes nowhere.

Anyways, have fun!