DANGER!!! Dont play at Palace of Chance. NEVER DEPOSIT


Dormant account
Jun 11, 2002
The Palace of chance manager is the rudest and most obnoxious person you ll ever meet. His name it Tyler Knox. He decided to take away my deposit and my neighbour's deposit. We live in the same building but not the same apartment. Different computers, IP addresses and certainly different names.
Beware.. Dont deposit there ever.
I asked him why he closed my account and void my deposit( i have 80 dollars) and my friend has 140.
This shows the character of the casino.
He said' I can do whatever I like. this is my casino, son. You ll just have to deal with it. I have some private info but dont like to share it with customer???'

I deposited by paypal so I have no power to do anything about this just to warn you guys.
There are plenty of places to play. but not palace of chance
Hi ssi717!

Require PAYPAL about stop and reverse back payments for fraud!!!They should the accommodate you.Try it!!

Guys, & Gals as the case may be.

I cannot believe how many Internet Casino Thieves are involved with Real Time Gaming.

I'm relatively new to this forum but I've got better than 25 years in playing high stakes Blackjack at land based casinos as well as Internet Casinos.

If I'm allowed to, I'll be happy to post the data here that I received from Real Time Gaming and incident to 3500 hands of Black that I played at RTG's VIRTUAL CASINO over a period of 10 days.

Here's the facts: I was able to generate $122,000.00 in wagers with $2,000.00 deposited and showed a profit of $8,000.00. Then SCORES accused me of cheating their Random Number Generator and refused to pay.

I've written until I'm nearly blue in the face about being ripped-off for $10,000.00 + by SCORE SPORTS BOOK and their REAL TIME GAMING VIRTUAL CASINO (see my post of this morning in the on-line casino section.)

I feel really bad for these individuals who have been ripped off by u1Casino (RTG STRIKES AGAIN) and then PALACE of CHANCE CASINO (RTG STRIKES YET AGAIN.)

But come on we all hav't to bear a certain amount of responsibility if we continually return to the RTG's slaughter houses.

Realtime Gaming blackjack is a negative expectation game. The house edge cannot be overcome, and there is no way of manipulating the RNG by cheating, unless you've figured out a way to hack into the server --- A HIGHLY UNLIKELY SCENARIO.

So if thier accusing you of cheating, then its the casinos that are committing the real fraud.

Cypher, I sincerely hope you will go public with all the details, and name the rogue casinos that have committed this theft.
Thanks Steiger.
though I am not sure how they can reverse it.
Plus the casino has the paypal agreement form.
I feel stupid.
I hope the casino goes out of business very soon.
I dont care if I get my money back as long as they cant do this to other people.
Do would it following: Ask would PAYPAL about nullification and at the same time would is warn thereon,that when it unsatisfied request your bank,to requisite return these pen-case from PAYPAL back.PAYPAL knows ,that money would had to return so yourself I think,that it solve without hit thy bank.When no,request bank about return from reason unauthorized (fail) operation ,that money catch it cheaters nor merchant,that would is catch it 'd - fair merchant.

TRY IT why not??

I hope ,that you me understand all:)
I personally have had no problem with Palace of Chance, deposited, played, won, requested a withdrawal, what I used to deposit through credit card went right back to that cards account, and rest was a check sent over night delivery. The ONLY RTG casino I am having a problem with is Prism, the rest has been great....so far!

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