Dane do not do chargebacks


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Talked to some operators, casino and sportsbook, at the Casino Affiliate Conference. They don't have chargeback problems with Danish players.

It's a RealTime Gaming fabrication.

The sportsbook operators find Danes to be good customers. The casino operators do find the Danes to not be as profitable as players as, well, Americans.

I would imagine that the poker room operators probably also find Danes to be good customers.


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VegasUSA is now using Microgaming. Remind me, why did they ban Danish players?


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Well - it was something with chargebacks and stolen creditcards as I recall it. Out of 89 OPA members complaining - 86 of them were in the VegasUSA negative database for chargebacks etc. Btw. don't ask if the three players who weren't in the negative database got paid (you'll be disappointed).

I'm sure VegasUSA had a lot of danes playing their 30 for 1 offer last year - I'm sure only a few would have turned out to be regular players - and I'm sure VegasUSA got tired of danish players. But in fact VegasUSA were lucky to ban the danes BEFORE everyone started gambling. They put a stop to new danish signups on March 3 2001 - the day before the infamous danish TV-show.

So - VegasUSA want us to believe:

1. Danes would go to the bank and chargeback $1
2. Danes would steal a creditcard and use it to deposit $1 at VegasUSA

Yeah right! :rofl:

Furthermore they didn't kick out EXISTING danish players - they just made it impossible to register new danish accounts and to register a new creditcard on existing accounts. My card expired 02/2001 - so VegasUSA didn't get a chance to get ahead again.

If we were so bad - why didn't they lock our accounts? I won several prizes (from a website) for VegasUSA2, cashed out a couple of hundred dollars and got paid promptly - and that was AFTER I wasn't allowed to register a new creditcard. I've won around $340 from the old VegasUSA group and I've deposited a total of $24 - and VegasUSA claim I'm in their negative database for chargebacks.

Yeah right!!! :rofl:

I hope Microgaming will realize there's something rotten in VegasUSA (and not in the state of Denmark).

It would probably be to much to hope for a Players Trust #3 :lol:


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Does VegasUSA still owe Danish players money?

And why would VegasUSA of all Microgaming sites be the only one targeted by Danes with stolen credit cards?

I know the OPA mediation staff were working on this months ago, I just don't remember how it turned out. So many casinos, so few brain cells!


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Ah, I see, under the Elka thread. OK.
Yeah, it does look like they ought to be "Not Recommended". We'll put a call out for input in the newsletter.


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It is not just sportsbook and casino operators who confirm that Danes are NOT a problem regarding chargebacks - the big banks and e-processing companies were also approached and confirmed (as Dr HO Casino Manager did) that Danes do not have a bad chargeback record.

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Yes, I also personally conferred with various e-processing companies and confirmed that Danes are unlikely to be initiating fraud.


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I recall (I could be wrong with my old age) that a couple of casinos stated that the IGC had told them about the "Danes" and issued some sort of alert? can anyone jog my memory on this? Or is my memory playing tricks on me?


It is my experience that this poor excuse is hardly used anymore. Instead casinos just exclude danes from recieving bonuses (and sometimes also from playing). More and more casinos have this in their terms the moment they open the doors to the public.

I find it unfair - but on the other hand they have the right to do it.....and I can't blame them. We are not the best business I guess.


Mike, I think it was Vegas USA - but I am sure Tortex remembers.

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@Mike: Geesh - old people!!!! :crazy:

It was the Vegas Strip. Classic email that could have been written by VegasUSAAlan. Lies, bullshit and more lies. In fact I find it likely that VegasUSAAlan got inspired by the handling of this incident when "he was losing his shirt on danish wagers".

Imagine you've been robbed several hundred $$ - perhaps thousands - and you receive an email like this:

Dear Jyde,
First of all, let us greet you from The Vegas Strip Casinos, the most thrilling gaming experience on the Net.

It has been brought to our attention that many people are concerned about the closing of the Danish accounts from our casinos. We would like to clarify several points regarding such situation. Servers elsewhere started having connection problems in several parts of Europe, which affected Denmark as well. While these connection problems were taking place, after review, we, The Vegas Strip Casinos, came to the conclusion to ban this group of players (over 1200) from playing our software. We received a warning letter originating from the Interactive Gaming Council, as well as from our processing bank, which advised us of an abundance of fraudulent activity, most coming from the country of Denmark, and after a thorough investigation, the decision to close the accounts stood. We emphasize that the fraud committed was due to a massive manipulation of our software in conjunction with our bonus promotions for both, new and existing players, like they had previously done with other online casinos. Many of those smaller online casinos have already gone out of business due to this ungrateful use of the games. In regards to the winnings, we will deal with these accounts just as we would with any other type of fraudulent accounts; this means that the only money being returned to the customers will be the total amount of deposits made and the rest of the balance will remain in the casino. We believe it is our right to defend ourselves from unlawful activity that threatens the security and stability of our company.

Thank you for understanding such difficult decision but we need to maintain the integrity of our name as well as the security of our other customers who do play in a fair manner and to whom we won?t withhold their winnings. We are known in this business as the most trusted online casinos group and we did not earn this title without going out of our way for the customers who really deserve it.

Sileny Dumond
The Vegas Strip
Casino Services Director

Perhaps Mr. Dumond and Mr. Fletcher met for a drink back in February??

You have the warning from IGC (bullshit) and from their ecashprocessor (more bullshit).

However a month or two later The Vegas Strip DID get "defrauded" - but it was by their freakin "processing bank" - you can read the story in Gambling Grumbles, but here's a quote (from the casino):

"As you know, we work with processors that receive the monies that our customers deposit. They send us these monies each week in a wire transfer and we use it among other things to send our customers their winnings.

"Last week, our processor sent us a letter saying that they were having problems with their own processor and that they were not going to be able to send us our wire transfers for the next couple of weeks."

Oh - that sucks when you don't get your monies!! I once received such letter too. It was from a guy who said he had problems with his servers - and then he decided I couldn't get my monies. Uuuuuh - that sucked :mad: I think the guy who kept my monies was called Senility Dymont - or something like that.

It REALLY sucks when people decide to keep your monies for no other reason that they wan't them.


Many Danes are bonushunters, this is true but what lies in the word bonushunter!

Due to much media attention about the casino bonuses on the net and a danish website with alot of media connections, many Danes decided to get claim some of the free money!
Not all danes only play for the bonus but a large quantity of the danish players are familuar with casinobonuses!

The casinos have to offer a bonus as a kind of lure, but they have to set up some ground rules/wager requirements in order to prevent people from just cashing in the bonus. They expect that the players will keep on depositing money instead of moving on to the next casino.

This is where the casinos have a problem, the Danes most often withdraw the winnings after they met the required wager, and do not deposit money again. The casinos call it bonusabuse, but how can you abuse a bonus when you follow the rules set by the casino. The danes are bonushunters, not bonusabusers

This is not illegal so the casinos have to claim some sort of fraud behaviour in behalf of the Danish players to justify not paying them.

This is not news to anybody, but still many casinos keep on claiming fruad behaviour! I am getting tired of it

Be The Dealer now denies paying out the winnings of an 100% offer because the casino found the activity of the Danes to be illegal.

More about this later