Daft condition at Mainstreet? (Playtech)


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Aug 25, 2004
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I recently signed up for one of the Meister's newly accredited 'Mainstreet' Playtechs - the first Playtech I've joined for years!

I'd like to start by saying it was a very enjoyable experience!
Registering & depositing was very easy, and I like the way a pop-up tells you once you've met the first WR & the bonus is added to your account!
I completed the bonus WR (x15) on allowed games, and thanks to a large 'Chinese Kitchen' win I finished ahead. Withdrawing was also hassle-free; My returned deposit hit my Neteller account in about 24hrs, and my profit followed within 2-days - no fax-back crap - no delaying tactics - superb! :thumbsup:

But I discovered by accident really, that they have a very strange condition on their SUB.
<Warning! - Rant coming!>
I wasn't 100% sure I'd reached the required WR because Playtech's game logs are a load of useless garbage! For goodness sake Playtech, sort out this crap will you! What use is the last 30 hands when you've just played hundreds?? Totally useless - worse than Microgaming's 'play-check' and that really is saying something! Sort it will you!!!
<Rant over>
So anyway, I e-mailed them to check I had met the WR, and mentioned that I wanted to know before I tried a bit of blackjack (I remembered it being pretty fair last time I played a Playtech).
I was more than a little bit surprised by the response...
They said I had met the WR and my balance was fully withdrawable, but that if I played so much as one hand of Blackjack or Blackjack Pro the WR would come back into play and increase to x40! :eek:

So the money was mine to do with as I wanted - except risk losing some of it back to the casino by playing Blackjack.
What, do these games pay out over 100% or something??? :confused:

I have never heard of a casino before where you can meet all the WR's for a bonus, but then have the potential risk to re-activate a higher WR after the event!

I think this condition is totally daft (and possibly, a form of entrapment!) - what do you guys think?
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This type of crap is why I never, ever play any of the listed games, even when I'm way past the WR. I'm just so afraid that some niggly term in the T&C is going to screw me.

My solution to this is to cash out after every single session, and try to make sure that if I want to play one of the banned games, that I am not playing on a bonus at all. Of course this fails half the time, since my favorite casinos love to give me tiny little 15-25% deposit bonuses, unexpectedly.

I said something similar in another forum, that it's not fair that they don't set their software to warn you when something like that is going to happen. The overall reaction was "As long as it's in tiny print somewhere on the website, it's totally your fault if you break an obscure rule and they take confiscate your winnings". Glad to see somebody else thinks that it's reasonable to treat your players with respect.
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Glad to hear about the positive experience...


What use is the last 30 hands when you've just played hundreds?? Totally useless - worse than Microgaming's 'play-check' and that really is saying something! Sort it will you!!!

Hi KK,

Agreed. I had a problem with that well over 2 years ago at City Club casino, and because I couldn't track down the specific hands, the specified isssue I was bringing-up was useless. I assumed I could get everything on record... my mistake. :oops:

It's great to hear that you got paid within 24-hours though. I was under the assumption that Bet365 was the only casino PlayTech casino that paid-out that quickly. Actually, I really like Bet365, but it's a bit of a hastle trying to get your winnings sent to your account. YOU have to do the work. By that, I mean that you must go to NeTeller, and login their merchant account information in order to receive your winnings. It's not THAT big of a deal, but can't it be done by them? Oh well, at least it's the fastest paying PlayTech around, and even if you have to do the work, at LEAST you know you'll do it (unlike even some more prestigious MG casinos taking 4-5 days).

I'm glad your experience with one of the accredited PlayTech casinos has been a good one KK. :thumbsup: I think that its high-time for me to start making some small deposits into some of those on the list (I thoroughly enjoy Chinese Kitchen & Vacation Station). I used to be a HUGE PlayTech depositor up until the beginning of this year, but it's nice to mix-up softwares AND casinos once in a while. MG is my favorite, but I like Cryptologic's alterations as of late, and PlayTech was always okay (aside from their ridiculous T&C's, phantom bonuses, and issues concerning payouts).


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