Da Vincis Gold (Rival) wrong bonus?


Dormant account
Mar 17, 2008
i claimed the 50% bonus offer (which included a $16 freebie after the deposit)
i deposited $25... got $35 (40% bonus). and no freebie. Contacted the live chat, they said i had claimed a 40% bonus.

im pretty sure i claimed the 50% one... anyone else got the wrong bonus from them ? or was it just me not beeing awake when depositing?;)

Probably you not being awake... :p

I can't remember the exact details, but if you got to the cashier screen you'll see a list of uncompleted bonuses down the right side. If you can see the 40% and the 50% one there, click on each and somewhere I think it says which one is in play... ?

With their system it seems rather unlikely they made an error, so it is probably you. Sorry!
(Still, over 4 billion people liked your post, so it's not all bad news... ;))


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