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Feb 22, 2001

Mansion Poker leaves tournament design to the player in new facility

The Gibraltar-based online poker operator Mansion is putting tournament control in the hands of players who want to design their own Internet tournaments with the introduction of a new player-friendly feature this week.

The new facility empowers players to control and host their own online poker tournaments for no extra cost than the tournament entry fee, and from as low as a $5 buy-in.

In a marketing drive supporting the feature, Mansion is encouraging its members to invite their friends, family and colleagues to play in their own customised tournaments, making key decisions about tournament buy-ins, game types, blinds structures and payout schedules.

Players can select a start time to suit, choose a Game and Limit type, nominate the buy-in amount from as little as $5+0.50 up to $500+ 25 and invite others to join them in the tourney.

"What's better than a good game of cards amongst your mates to settle a score? This is a great addition to the site, so get some friends together and give it a go," says Marc Goodwin, a UK poker pro and Mansion's Poker Ambassador.

"If you have between two and fifty players who are keen to play it your way, then "Create Your Own Tournaments" is for you," adds Goodwin.

With leaderboard positioning available, and the possibility to teach newbies all about the game and tournament action, Goodwin expects the new service to be extensively used. Players can set their own Blind structure, from Turbo to Normal or Slow, and allocate the payouts any way they wish, awarding the prize pool, be it 'winner takes all' or otherwise.

Players are currently being invited to try the service out by choosing the "Private" tab in the Mansion tournament lobby, where they will be guided through the quick and easy process.


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Jun 29, 2006
I've been wondering why there wasn't any PR from mansion management for mansion, mansioncasino.com and mansionpoker.com's new websites.

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