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Apr 24, 2006
Anyone have any idea as to what took place here looks like late last Dec 2005 If anyone has info on this news would you be so kind as to reply. Looks like this company bought FB? Or at least some of it?

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- CYOP Systems International Inc. (OTCBB:CYOS), a provider of online gaming software and operator of games portals, is pleased to announce an executed agreement with FutureBet Systems Inc., to purchase 40 online casino games and SportsBook software and platform for $1,200,000.00 on terms.

Some of the casino features are an icon driven menu system, an intuitive Quick Menu that allows the user to jump from game in a single click, higher graphics resolution and many other industry revolutionizing features. The software is offered in an Instant Play/No download Flash version and a stand alone Windows application that is the smallest download online.

The games have been translated in the following 9 languages: Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, and English.

Casino games that will be in the Company's tournament software include:

CYOP Systems Purchases Online Gaming Software; Suite of 40 Internet Casino Games and SportsBook Software in 9 Languages Included in Acquisition


Jetset, Duke posts at almost every forum out there in regards to Futurebet. He is either obsessed with them, or wants someone to tell him that it's "okay" for him to keep putting money in there. He wants permission, so when he gets screwed over, he can come back on someone and say...."but you said it was okay to play there". Duke, you have been told on every forum, and by the most knowledgeable people in the industry to steer clear of Futurebet. What more do you want? :what:
A reason for me posting

Yes I have however I think that is very good to get as many people that have new knowledge about a company like FB. When I saw the CYOP thing I wanted to learn more, not ever to point a fingure at anyone at all. Only looking for news and I have reasons to look at these people that are far beyond what I have posted here. So I wish to thank all of you and try and understand that I will never come back and say that "you told me" I am looking to gather as much new data on these guys as I can. So I can take them and put them where they belong.



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