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Is there a site one can get contact information for casinos other than what is listed on the web site? I have been trying unsuccessfully to get information on cheques from May 21 which I had redeemed from Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) . All my e-mails have been received by them but I have had no response to my queries.I realize that Canada is far from Costa Rica, where the site originates, but we no longer use dog sleds here to receive mail. Is 5 weeks a normal waiting period, especially since we pay $15 for a cheque to be mailed?
If you are looking for info on casino's the best site to go to would be or
Oh, yeah! has a front page banner for the golden palace. UMMMM it is good to know that certain webmasters do not give a damn who they advertise for... JUst want the Bucks!

I would not of given my name either. should be avoided
Oh yes and good info it was! That is how it happens. Someone comes to a site like this and asks for information. someone says oh yeah go here. Then when they get there they see a big banner ad for Golden Palace. They assume because someone recommended the site, and the site recommends the casino, that it must be good.

Ok, back to relaxing now
After waiting for almost 7 weeks for a reply from Cyberbet regarding my withdrawals, I went to eGaming Commission and Gambling Grumbles to have them attempt to get a reply. It took a while, but the reply was sent that I was suspected of fraudulent activity, as I had only deposited $50 but had won, in their words, thousands ($2064 to be exact of which they had sent approx. $1000 to me). The following is correspondance I received from them and my reply, to which they have not responded.

----- Original Message -----
From: Customer Support
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2000 1:38 PM
Subject: Cyberbet

Dear Sharon,

Please note that due to our company policy, Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) Management reserves the right to refuse and/or close any account at any time, for any reason whatsoever.

Management has looked into your gameplay and found a suspicious wagering pattern in your game log file.We came to a decision that your play with Cyberbet Casino was fraudulent.
We're therefore informing you that your account number: 383 has been closed

A copy of this letter is sent to the EgamingCommission.


Cyberbet Support

My reply:

Good evening: I would like a copy of my game log file sent to me please. I am extremely upset at the turn of events with Cyberbet, and would like the opportunity to allow an independant auditor to review my game play log and point out to me the suspicious wagering pattern. To suggest to me that I have fraudulently played at your casino, and not show me the proof, is libelous. On two separate occasions, at 2 other casinos, I noticed a programming flaw that gave the player an edge in poker, my game of choice. Both times, I notified the casinos, because I felt uncomfortable playing there. Both times they had the programmers fix the flaw. I didnt have to do that, but felt compelled by my honesty. The 2 casinos in question will back this up. Please respond as soon as possible to this as I have cc'd to Gambling Grumbles and eGamingCommission, and will be voicing my dissatisfaction at many other forums. I agree you must protect yourselves against unscrupulous gamblers, but not at the expense of players like me.

So I now join the ever growing ranks of players online who can, at a casinos whim, be locked out.
Does anyone know what a "suspicious wagering pattern" is?
Me again: This is a copy of my letter sent to eGaming Commission after they were notified by Cyberbet of my suspected fraudulent activity. The reason I involved them is because they gave Cyberbet their Seal of Approval, and I wanted them informed.

Hi Andrew: Their comment about fraudulent activity and $1000's of dollars made me laugh. I did deposit only $50, but have been fortunate enough, playing $5 a hand, to have a few straight flushes and 4's of a kind. Over a 3 month period, I have won $2694.00. Of this I have received $1055.00. Pending withdrawals amount to $1039.00 less $45 handling fee for the 3 total withdrawals. I have since June 14 brought my balance from $85.00 up to $600.00. This was accomplished playing virtually everyday, starting with the $0.25 video poker, and then $5.00 poker.
As you can see, a straight flush at $5.00 turns into $245.00. So over 1 month, since June 14, I have had 2 straight flushes and numerous other lesser amounts. I will not apologize to anyone for winning as it was done fairly.
I must question the integrity of the casino if it does not even give the player the courtesy of a response. As for the $1000's of is in my mind, ludicrous. $2694.00 total including what I have in my bankroll, can not be construed by any legitimate operation as being a huge amount.
I do thank you for getting a response from them, even such a ridiculous one. I only hope they have the decency to offer me an apology once they see my audit trail.
thank you:......Sharon
You see Sharon, now that GP was able to get away with crying fraud and not paying, the other casinos are following GP's lead. This is absurd.


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