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Bonus Complaint CWC - No bonus can be created because it's the weekend

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by gokkie, Jul 10, 2009.

    Jul 10, 2009
  1. gokkie

    gokkie Senior Member PABnononaccred

    Manager finance
    As you can see in the attached chat, I am not happy with CWC for numerous reasons:

    Suddenly (after I had some nice withdrawals) I was not getting any e-mails from the promotion dept. I am not sure but I might have missed some nice promo's because of this.

    I have asked them 3 times to put me on the e-mail list. First time I asked must be over a month ago.

    So because I am still not on their list I did not receive the bonus I was untitled to. Don't get me wrong CWC has very nice CS and bonuses but I was really getting irritated in this chat session:

    My complaints:

    I was suddenly removed from the the promotions e-mail list ( and yes my e-mail settings are set to receive e-mail from casino's);
    They did not add me to the list allthough I have asked this 3 times;
    The bonus I have qualified for can't be issued because they do not work during the weekend. This one annoys me the most. They can take my money every day but cannot resolve a bonus issue because it's the weekend.

    What do you guys think of this, am I being to harsh in this matter? - I was getting a bit unfriendly at the end of the chat- It's just that it really really annoys me.

    Chat transcript:
    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Jaye'

    Jaye: Hello, how are you today?

    gokkie: ok

    Jaye: I am not completely sure which promotion you are asking about?

    Jaye: it si in clubworld?

    gokkie: The one you had to deposit every day to receive a 6 * 125% bonus in the weekend

    Jaye: If you had used all the correct coupons, yo would have received the coupon via email.

    gokkie: tuesday 50%, wednesday 60%, thursday, 75%, friday 100%

    gokkie: You had to deposit every dat to receive the 6 x 125%

    gokkie: I did qualify but I have not recieved mails from promotions for weeks

    gokkie: I have asked your support 3 times to let me receive e-mails from promotions

    gokkie: I have qualified for the bonus, just check

    gokkie: account name gokkie, cwc usa

    Jaye: You need to have claimed the specific coupon codes

    Jaye: each day of the week.

    gokkie: I did!

    gokkie: Just check my history

    Jaye: It was not on each deposit, it was based on the certain coupons that needed to be claimed

    gokkie: I claimed all coupons

    Jaye: yes, i have checked your account history and it looks like you are correct you have claimed all the correct coupons.

    Jaye: only the promotions team have access to this code, and unfotunately they are not avialable untill monday.

    Jaye: i do apologise for this you will receive the coupon code then.

    gokkie: So now what?

    Jaye: Only the promotions team have the access to create this coupon and activate it

    Jaye: this will be resolved for you on Monday.

    gokkie: Like I said I have not received any mail from promotions for weeks

    gokkie: So I have no faith I will receive it on monday

    Jaye: they will add it to your notes on your account.

    Jaye: and send you a message player

    gokkie: I have asked you this 3 times allready - to get their e-mails

    gokkie: I don't want to deposit on monday, I want to play now

    Jaye: This may be due to your email address

    gokkie: What does my e-mailadress have to with it

    Jaye: There is nothing i can do unfortunately, we do not have access to the sytems to be able to create this

    Jaye: coupon

    Jaye: certain email address do not receive emails from us

    gokkie: Why not?

    Jaye: It is do do with the email providers settings, as it comes from a casino.

    Jaye: i will ask the promotyions team to double check that you are on the mailing list.

    gokkie: That;s not good enough

    gokkie: Check my history I make a lot of deposits

    Jaye: Please send us in an email, and i can forward your complaint to the promotions department

    Jaye: I cannot access the systems to amend this

    Jaye: i apologise, but the promotions team will correct this when they are back in the office

    gokkie: I am a good customer for your casino and this is bs

    Jaye: Eliza, please send in an email, i will advsie the promotions team of your complaint

    gokkie: You can take my money all day every day of the week and I have to wait for someting I am entitled to untill after the weekend

    Jaye: Again i apologise, but as i have stated. this is an error, one that i cannot resolve, the promotins team will resolve this as soon as possible for you.

    gokkie: I will just ask them to close my account, I have had enough of this

    Jaye: i am sorry you feel this way

    gokkie: I have deposited daily for more than 3 months and this is what I get

    gokkie: A casino that cannot isseu promotions I am entitled to because it is the weekend

    Jaye: I do not have access to this

    Jaye: I cannot do more than apologise to you and get this issue resolved for you as soon poss

    Jaye: which will be monday
  2. Jul 10, 2009
  3. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?
    Yes and no...

    Yes - a little testy with him, because he wasn't understanding that you wanted the bonus to be accesible NOW... because you had the funds NOW... and may NOT have the funds LATER.

    However - he had his hands tied and could not produce a specific code out of thin air.

    You are right to be upset about not being sent emails.

    They should send you a tester email - and they should have you set up correctly - but... this again, wasn't his fault...

    Closing your account is THE ONLY way to get a casino to sit up and take notice. However, by that time, it is too late...

    I say that there must be a way for the casinos to stop treating players who are good players and depositing players --- like total sheep and crap.

    You can't blame the CSR - but instead - ask for a supervisor or a manager.

    I've shut down one casino.

    And my account will be closed with them after this issue is resolved.

    But - the only way to make the casinos notice is if you STOP playing with them.

    And that is the truth.
  4. Jul 10, 2009
  5. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    What has happened here is that gokkie was taken OFF the mailing list by the promotions department. It has NOTHING to do with email settings.

    The same has happened to me, TWICE.

    THis also explains why after THREE WEEKS of asking to be put back ON the mailing list, NOTHING has been done, because this is the decision made by the promotions team.

    Unfortunately, they do NOT actually TELL a player they have been removed, they just do it.

    They now have a system where you can see all your bonuses in the lobby under a "my promotions" tab, and this was implemented so that players didn't have to rely on getting the emails.

    I can see the probable cause here :-

    As you can see in the attached chat, I am not happy with CWC for numerous reasons:

    On the two occasions I suddenly found I no longer received the emails, it followed a decent cash-in.

    The rep has already addressed this point in an earlier thread, stating that they DO have some players that are deemed ineligible for bonuses, but he didn't explain how the decisions were reached.

    The only common factor seems to be large cash-outs, so it looks rather like it is merely the act of winning that causes a player to become ineligible for most promotions (there is an exception, a 35% slots only reusable coupon).

    I was years ago even TOLD this by email. I was dropped from the mailing list because I had placed bets of $25 on stud poker (ante + side bet), and had been dealt 4OK, with the dealer qualifying. Unfortunately, I no longer have this email, but I certainly remember it because it was such a shocking revelation. I kept it for over a year, until all of a sudden they sent me some HUGE "VIP" coupons out of the blue (I'm talking $1000 and $2000 bonuses). Since I seemed to be on the list again, I didn't bother hanging on to the email.

    Their decisions do not have anything to do with "bonus abuse", since the second time around I played SLOTS, and took SLOTS bonuses. With RTG, you are SUPPOSED to take bonuses with each deposit, and the promotions that CW offer are designed such that there is simply no need to "run out of coupons".

    The only other possibility for their "bonus ban" is that they want to see some deposits made WITHOUT bonuses, but RTG simply isn't seen this way by players, so many will simply look for a coupon every time they make a deposit. Nowhere to they make this rule though, so there is no way we can know how much they want to see deposited without using coupons.
  6. Jul 11, 2009
  7. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    I hope that live chat staff really does something on Monday. For the records, I made 2 enquiries thru live chat several weeks ago on promos emailed to me by Lauren. I was told that Lauren would reply. Well, she didnt. The issues werent overwhelming so I didnt pursue. However, that begs the question as to whether live chat did follow-up or Lauren failing to reply.
  8. Jul 11, 2009
  9. Tengil

    Tengil Senior Member

    I remember last year I had a bad run one weekend. I got about 600 in free chips but they couldnt create a deposit coupon which I would have appreciated more due to the max cashouts on free chips.

    I got the same response that Ill have to wait until Monday (it was good when I finally got it). It cant actually be that expensive to have some from the promo department working on weekends.
  10. Jul 11, 2009
  11. lauram

    lauram Dormant account

    self employed
    This should prove to be a interesting thread. Where to start. Over 7 months ago the promo emails stopped arriving for me. Now lets look back more then not i never play with a bonus at rtg. I find if im lucky enough to hit i want to cash out and run as slots are so tight. The odd time if im looking for longer play time or as most said slots are looser with bonus, I would use one. After my emails stopped arriving support told me i had chosen to opt out of the promotions. To this day I have never got another email from lauren or their team. No managers bonus any longer and up to last week i was depositing daily without any withdrawals. As far as the team cannot put a code in for you that is wrong. When I was in one of their sister sites and asked about a bonus code that would not work. Customer service placed it in automatic for me. A few minutes later still not there. Customer service came back with oh sorry i put code in club world account for you. So here you now have the bonus twice once here and once in club to use. So unless they have changed this thats crap as they have done it for me.
  12. Jul 11, 2009
  13. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.

    Could you imagine if there wasn't any sort of manager working on the weekends at McDonalds or the like? :rolleyes:
  14. Jul 12, 2009
  15. bw2006

    bw2006 Dormant account

    Outside Sales Representative
    I also have been having issues at CWC. I made a deposit earlier today and went to claim the weekend 125% bonus. Live chat told me that there was already another bonus on my account and she couldn't take it off. She told me to play with the 40% bonus and then if I lost to come back to chat and she would credit me the rest. I accepted (shouldn't have) and when I came back to get the remainder of my bonus she gave me half of what I should have received and told me there was a 10 max cashout. I said this wasn't acceptable and what do you know......She would have to forward my issue to the promotions dept which wouldn't be in until Monday. It is really frustrating to get that kind of customer service.
  16. Jul 12, 2009
  17. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    This is total BS. I am certain that the RTG casinos can take away coupons that you have claimed but where no deposits have yet been made. One of the Rushmore casinos were able to do this for me. It just akes them a little time, about half an hour to remove it and then you can claim another coupon. However they reply on Monday, telling you that you can only have half the bonus with a 10x max cashout is rogue behavior. Can you get a copy of live chat telling you they will be crediting the remainder of the bonus in full?
  18. Jul 12, 2009
  19. bw2006

    bw2006 Dormant account

    Outside Sales Representative
    I saved the chat logs but the rep never said she would credit the full amount. She told me to come back to receive the rest of my bonus and I just assumed which is my fault. I should never assume and should get everything in writing.
  20. Jul 12, 2009
  21. gokkie

    gokkie Senior Member PABnononaccred

    Manager finance
    Well something happened and I don't know what triggered it.

    I just came back from a short holiday break (saturday until today).

    When I opened my inbox I found an-mail from promotions (Lauren) which was sent saturday late in the afternoon. It was sent 5 hours after my post her and after the chat session I had with CWC. In the e-mail I was told the promo-code.

    I don't know what triggered the e-mail being sent. Maybe it was a delayed promo e-mail or, and that is what I think: I was added to the e-mail list. That would explain that I actually received the e-mail & also the time I received it.

    As the promo-code is a code that is for all members meeting the qualifications, I don't think the code had to be created for me. I couldn't be as there was no one working during the weekend authorized to do that. The e-mail was sent later because someone put me on the list I guess.

    I also received another e-mail about a promo which already was in the promotions of my casino lobby.

    I'll keep you informed if I now keep receiving e-mails from promotions or if this was a one time thing.

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