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Mar 19, 2006
las vegas
hi there, this may sound picky but are there any sites that have cards that flip over one by one in a medium speed. the last cites i played at the cards in video poker just flash up on the screen so fast as did the new cards. for me the look and style have alot to do with my ejoyment of the game so if you can recommend any site that does this please reply. i like triple play video poker and i like to see the cards that come out on bottum row flip over one by one so i can watch and see what they are, then after the auto hold and i press deal each row comes out in a flip med. speed one at a time so you can see what kinds of hands your going to get and what you won. please tell me if this is stupid but thats what i like. write back soon
At MG casinos you can define the speed under 'Options'.

There are 4 or 5 different speeds if I remember correct.


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