Customer service/live help Miracle


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Dec 12, 2006
just had the most amazing experience since i used the net!! a live help that actually works!!!!

being so used to crappy service and clueless morons i thought i'd find out what happens if i clicked the manager button, after waiting what seemed like an eternal 12 seconds, YES only 12 SECONDS for a response i decided to ask the difference in blind structures on the stt's (they have normal, turbo, speed and extended) to my amazement the guy reeled off all the differences and the whole thing took 4 minutes and 37 seconds from start to finish and not once was i given an external link or an email address!!!

the site in question?

PaddyPower Poker!!
Ha dont be so sure

I to use the paddy power vc network yes you get to speak to someone quickly and they can explain to you the simple things. Which are contained in the homepage easy enough. They will also chat away quite happy as if they are your buddy putting little smilie faces at the end of every sentence. but having had a very serious problem with the banking and anauthorised withdrawals being taken out of my account. They are of no use whatsoever so i would not be so quick to put any praise. Fast service is only usefull if it is good but they are a long way off this.

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