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Nov 18, 2006
Lately I have found the lack of good customer service appalling from some of the RTG's and it seems to be worse than it used to be. Yes some RTG's who frequent this forum.

Other players have posted many complaints in regards to lack of communication regarding the status of their withdrawals. Players have posted complaints about lack of response to pm's here to casino reps, (I have experienced this myself.) Personally I have had no response at all to emails, bad experiences with chats, (long hold times), being told they would send me something (my stats) within a few hours which they did not. No communication from the rep here regarding that request (stats). A bonus from Intertops not being honored, etc..

So is it just me, or do you feel that customer service for US based players is worse than it used to be?


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Oct 5, 2005
me too. my last few pm's sent to casino reps went unanswered for so long that I sent one to bryan just to make sure it worked. magically he responded quickly. :)

I'm not talking about a few hours either, days, or weeks, most simply don't reply at all.

while I am limited to where i can deposit, their lack of response sure helps me decide who gets my deposits.

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