Custom Site for Sale


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Nov 3, 2010
WyldGirl, my Wife, built a website called Gambler's Gateway for someone who didn't come through on their end so now the site is for sale! (and you won't believe how cheap)

This Is A Must See!!

It has a working stargate and the site is a game within itself. Members will interact with the site as a game and reach pages by loading the right codes into the stargate!! Each code loaded takes you through the stargate where you will arrive on a planet. The planets are custo pages for different things. Some are Casinos by software, some are promo planets, some are party(contest) planets etc. This really is an awesome site for someone that wants to bring something new to players and has the time to run it!

You can contact her here "WyldGirl" or via her email at wickedwyldgirl at msn dot com!