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Curious about other players experiences: Live Dealer Roulette Party Casino

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by Little_John, Jan 4, 2011.

    Jan 4, 2011
  1. Little_John

    Little_John Dormant account


    First of all a very happy and lucky 2011 to you all!

    The reason I am posting is this message is that I am curious about other players experiences playing Live Dealer Roulette, especially in the Party Casino.

    I've been playing roulette for over 20 years in real live casino's now and also played live dealer roulette at a few online casino's. The results at WH, 888 and AMC met my expectations in relation to the real live casino's, i.e. if you play and stick to a strategy you'll win and lose meeting the 1/37 advantage of the casino. Fyi I'm always playing many different numbers and making progressive bets up to 100-150 spins.

    Very interesting however is the outcome at the Live Dealer Roulette at Party Casino, which I suspected to be rigged in some kind of way. The live dealers, mostly from Latvia/Russia are real, they are spinning for real, but it seems to me that the number where the ball falls, is fixed by magnetism in combination with computerized calculations or something due to the different timeperiod between the betting time is over and the dealer starts spinning the ball.
    Besides sometimes the effect is so unreal and believe me I've seen ten thousands of spins:). Interesting is also how the results interact with your depositing behaviour: first a maximized win and then an unmaximized loss, but deposit again and you'll win first again, but if you come near a profit you'll lose and so on, like playing (non-live dealer) roulettesoftware. I also noticed in my humble opinion that the behaviour of some live dealers is suspicious, maybe some of them now and others don't that something isn't just right. I know no one'll ever be able to prove that the Live Dealer Roulette at Party Casino is fixed, I quit playing there and the purposes of my posting are:

    1. Are there players which have experienced the same odd results, spinningeffects and dealer behaviour?
    2. Isn't there any possibilty to fix Live Dealer Roulette?
    2. Warning people to play the Live Dealer Roulette at Party Casino!

    Thanks for your replies.

    Kind regards.
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  2. Jan 4, 2011
  3. wangpoker

    wangpoker Experienced Member PABnononaccred2 webmeister

    affiliate marketing
    WH web-based live casino and 888 live casino are the same as PartyGaming. All live streaming is from Evolution Gaming studio. How do you come to this conclusion?
  4. Jan 6, 2011
  5. Spartan

    Spartan Dormant account

    Postal worker
    Latvian Studio and behaviour of wheel

    Yes, I am convinced and this is said without any losing reaction. I would stay away from closed studio type live gaming.
  6. Jan 6, 2011
  7. Rhyzz

    Rhyzz Experienced Member

    Online Gaming
    United Kingdom
    Live gaming has to go through the same licensing processes as the RNG versions, so I doubt it's rigged, especially from such major operators.
  8. Jan 6, 2011
  9. dazlazz

    dazlazz Experienced Member

    London, UK
    I have experienced the procedure for implementing `live` dealers into an online casino. There is no rigging from what I can see, it all looks perfectly fair and above board to me - I suspect just bad luck in your case.

    BTW - I think the live dealer girls are great!!
  10. Jan 7, 2011
  11. Seventh777

    Seventh777 RIP Roy

    Builder, mainly renovations.
    Planet Tharg, dark side, where nothing grows.
    If live roulette is your thing, try Supercasino.. You must register/login in order to see the link. these are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission;).
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  12. Jan 10, 2011
  13. Tyrone77

    Tyrone77 Dormant account

    Hi, I came on this forum via search.

    I have to agree that it is rigged. I keep seeing an uncanny run of the same colours a lot of the time. I'm talking a run of 10 very often. I recently just placed 10 bets on a black with none coming through. And these were probably the largest bets on the table. This has happend twice.

    Sure I guess I could just be unlucky. But I do get a bad feeling from this site.

    Is there anyway to prove if it is rigged? Is there proof they are regulated?
  14. May 11, 2012
  15. laptop83

    laptop83 Dormant account

    Good afternoon

    The live roulette based in Riga , Latvia ( serves several casinos like William Hill, Reef Casino and 888casino,and apparently Party Casino, that i know off), it is definitely rigged.

    Basically what it appeared to me , is that somehow it is using magnets.
    I started by observing it, after 2 weeks observing it, somehow i thought is was not random and that was a bit strange but not much, since i was pretending to bet on my excel sheet i could not give anything more certain. but still i tried.

    While observing one single player ( which i know him after sometime talking with him in-game )
    , he told me his bets and we anylised it together. I wont go into details, we reach somehow a conclusion.

    What appears to me is that , computer is making all possible combinations and running them on the wheel buy using magnets, it will not be 100% accurate but will definitely make you loose when you have some winnings,

    Either way , it might be that i am completely wrong, but my advise is for you to avoid it.

    And before people start saying i lost, well i actually manage to brake even, which happened was i won first quite much, then start loosing a lot. so i stooped when was even.

    1. observe it and make sure it is completely random wheel in your eyes.
    2. If you feel a bit strange with the numbers, or it is rigged, better stay away.
    3. Search more info on the net and make your own conclusion.

    Next one that i will try is betfair and dublinbet, although betfair is similer to this one..

    My final advice is , STAY AWAY from the Riga based (Latvia) live casino.

    My Answers to first post:
    1. Are there players which have experienced the same odd results, spinningeffects and dealer behaviour? ( YES ) and the ball sometimes have wierd behaviour which i never notived on a landa based casino , and i like see this small details.
    2. Isn't there any possibilty to fix Live Dealer Roulette? ( Yes )
    2. Warning people to play the Live Dealer Roulette at Party Casino! (Should not be only party casino but Based live dealers in Riga)
    Last edited: May 11, 2012
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  16. May 11, 2012
  17. Silencio

    Silencio Dormant account

    The majority of live dealer casinos are broadcast from Riga.
    I'm no genius at English myself, but it's kinda hard to take you serious when you claim to be so smart to see all of this, but you have trouble spell checking your posts.
  18. May 11, 2012
  19. laptop83

    laptop83 Dormant account

    Apologies for my English spelling.
    I do not see the relation between spelling English well, taking me serious or being smart.
    I simply shared my experience and view and gave my advice.
    If people take me serious or not, I don’t really care. It’s free will.
    My advice still stands, stay away from them.
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  20. May 12, 2012
  21. Silencio

    Silencio Dormant account

    Well the lack of knowing how to use spell check was the worst part of it for me I guess, but there's a lot more..
    That's usually the case.. when you win you'll eventually lose.

    eh.. okay

    If you feel a bit strange with numbers, stay indoors, and whatever you do, do not visit a store or supermarket. You will be scammed!

    Anyhow, I think you lost (used a system maybe) and are here for revenge. Just my (free will) opinion.
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  22. May 12, 2012
  23. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    I see you list your occupation as "Pro roulette player". How's that going for you? I'm sure you're cleaning them all out one by one with your winning system.....

    If you're going to shout "rigged", you need to provide some evidence, otherwise you're just another sore loser blaming the software. Remember the saying about bad tradesmen always blaming their tools?
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  24. May 12, 2012
  25. Silencio

    Silencio Dormant account


    Sorry laptop83 didn't mean to offend you by laughing. But that is some funny ****
    eh.. welcome to the forum :what:
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  26. May 12, 2012
  27. laptop83

    laptop83 Dormant account

    I will end my discussion here with this:

    Well i just had a laugh myself for those you mention about my occupation.... seriously ?!?!?!.....

    more serious now
    I play to win sometimes,knowing that i might also loose sometimes.
    I feel no revenge at all, even if i would loose my whole money that/those nights...
    When gambling i always think i will loose the amount i decided to spend that night, but always try make profit. which doesn't always happens. Those you think always win, well, those might go for a great disappointment.
    I here solely to share what i felt, saw and my own conclusions,. right or wrong? o well...

    There is NO system to beat roulette. Been playing for sometime now on land casino and no system used, online casino where i recently started playing and always observe it before start playing, also there is no system, roulette does not have such a thing, every single run is an independent event.

    I gave my opinion, and for ME that roulette i mention is definitely rigged and better to stay away, at least i will..
    I got NO prove, and against the casino. No one will have some kind of prove unless it is too obvious thing, it is a too hard to catch a online casino cheating.
    It is like blaming the Bond credit rating agencies ( Moody's,Standard & Poor's, Fitch ,....)
    when the only give and "opinion".
    I am solely talking about the live one. Software one i never tried and i won't.

    -> I am making and accusation to that casino roulette? - yes i am.
    -> If i advice you NOT to play there? - yes i do.
    -> If im sure it is rigged? - yes i am sure for myself.
    -> How it is rigged? how does the system works? - No idea, to me, like a said before, appears some kind of magnets; and computer controlled magnets is easily done these days. ( conspiracy theory ..:D )
    -> Proof ? NONE.

    And those who asked proof ?
    Can you also prove it is not rigged?
    You could mention many reasons why the casino would not cheat, and i could reply to those reason, especially about the casino losing the license and so on.....

    The discussion could go on and on and on and on...... i have my point of view and experience and shared it....

    And I am done on this discussion.
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  28. May 12, 2012
  29. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    Well, none of what you said made any sense.

    I have to admit that old "prove it is not rigged" chestnut makes me giggle. You're the one saying that it is rigged, so the onus is on you to make your case. In my experience, only those who can't even begin to prove their accusations come back with "well prove it isn't" :rolleyes:

    We've heard it all before. You're not the first one that cries "rigged" based on "a feeling" and not winning, and you won't be the last. I guess its just a shame that most of us rely on such flimsy stuff as evidence e.g. play logs, ball motion analysis, etc to form our opinions. Oh well, I guess we're just blind suckers......unlike yourself, who can spot a rigged game just by looking at it.....

    FYI... "...and I am done with this discussion" = "I don't have a shred of proof or any statistics at all to support my view so I'm picking up my bat and ball and going home so I don't have to answer any argument....."
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  30. May 12, 2012
  31. Silencio

    Silencio Dormant account

    I'm an affiliate of those Riga based casinos, and most of the times I end the month in the minus, meaning the players win. Can't post it here (I think), but if needed I can show (pm) you a screenshot.
    How's that for proof? Or are they using some sort of magnet on those statistics as well :p
  32. May 12, 2012
  33. Cleveland

    Cleveland Meister Member

    Professional problem solver
    @ laptop: The burden of proof in this situation is on you not those responding.

    Also as someone who plays roulette a lot (as you say) I would think you should have seen by now a color hitting a crazy amount of times (10+) in a row. It happens at B&Ms and online. I too also love roulette and I have played a lot. You probably can find threads of mine here betting 1K+ at a time (because I love it that much). I only mention this part because, in one of your post you mentioned your bet amounts as if that shows how skilled/dedicated/ or whatever you are.

    When you play it enough you see crazy things happen. I've seen the same number hit so many times in a row it's sickening. Then you pick the number and it doesn't hit. That's life, that's gambling....Doesn't make it rigged. If you play as much as you say then these are things you know already.
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  34. May 16, 2012
  35. mn001

    mn001 Experienced Member

    It's not rigged.

    No way they could run magnets and other cheating considering how many people are involved in the company. Also, all those casinos buying the live casino service would have to be into the scam aswell as their earnings from roulette would be a lot more than expected.

    10+ numbers of not red for example is just 1:1000 or something like that... seen it many times myself, nothing stranger than anything else.

    Unfair to the casino to have this thread here IMHO. But they should come in here defending themself, they would gain so much business doing that.
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  36. Oct 28, 2012
  37. griffon51

    griffon51 Dormant account

    hgv driver
    dorset uk
    Rigged in Riga

    I do apologise for this late contribution,just had to.Well why just stop at Riga in the conclusion of the OP.Surely if the casinos there have the method to predetermin the result in attempting to relieve you of your cash,and its practically undetectable except when you personally turn on your own scamming antenae why dont all the rest have it too,dont they mostly if not all share the same gaming platform.

    However I will add some input in your defence in as much as I have seen the perculiarities you mention.Some of them simply explained as a result of internet lag,fair enough they look odd,for instance you plainly see that the ball is in 17 and you see the wheel revolving and the ball stays still and you begin to count your winnings,low and behold theres a flutter on the screen and the ball is now in 12 and result announced and you lost. It just happens that way sometimes,well quite a lot actually but nothing odd in it,its the same if you play war games or such and your the sniper you have enemy in your scope and you fire,your perplexed why you did not hit him, its just lag, enemy had already moved as you fired but your images are a second behind the reality,lag.
    Well maybe they can control it in the houses favour who knows I dont but I do remember on as many occasions seeing the ball land in 12 and being relieved to see that a second later its in 17,happy.
    I only play live roulette,quite a lot and at several casinos,never played at a landbased so no comment except to say my brother does and he,when watching me play has often commented on how "rigged" it looks and as a test to show how sometimes it just looks that way,and this test can only be done on the casinos that have regular tv output as for instance Supercasino,others are freely available.
    So if you can do this, set your self up with your laptop or if your PC is in the same room ok but you need to be able to see both tv and your gaming device at the same time and you can freeplay ao this site so it wont cost you anything. should also mention it is better if you have large HD tv for absolute clarity. Now just simply watch or freeplay or indeed use cash if you want too,for an hour is good because you will see stuff on your gaming device that is not on the tv because it dont lag.

    That should help a bit to relieve your sense of persecution a tad. However I can re-establish that sense by adding that I too have seen things that are probably unexplainable in realtime dynamics an the first of which was witnessed using the above and by 3 people.The dealer spun up and let the ball go, and it landed straightway in 12 and a misspin was declared as the wheel had not done 3 revolutions.The dealer respun after the usual black magic ritual of back turing the wheel,setting it for3 revs setting it of in the previos direction with the replaced ball in the previos winning number, in other words trying to establish the status quo previous to the misspin.The gods suitably impressed the new spin proceeded...the ball having gone around at least 10 times and beginning to decay hit a canoe left the wheel popped the top of the post and landed with minimum fuss in 12.It looked impossible and we all looked at each other in disblief the dealer didnt know what to say and actually blushed in trying to explain it, tell you what though I dont think it was magnets.
    Second event,there are many and varied but this is a thread reply not a novel.
    After minight to 4am ish stint that wasnt too fruitful decided to play autowheel for a while,after an hour and doing ok noticed that I was on my own in the game at least ther were no names on player list or winners apart from my own.5.30 on sunday morningguess evetone else needed some sleep.Now I dont usually play red black but I noticed that the previose 10 results were all red,I was getting tired was 50 quid away from target profit so decided to play 5 on red,result red happy and the next 10 were red,very happy.Next play was 10 on red it came black so went back to 5 and came back red and so it continued 32 times red red red.Now you got to figure the black may have been an accident or that the software had stuck on red therefor bolstering the claims that the results could be manipulated and if so why choose to give me 200 quid for nothing.6.30 got an onscreen message that the autowheel would be closed temporarily for routine maintenance.OK I went to bed.

    Do they know what your doing,I think so apparently landbased keep an eye on you if your winning dont see why online dont as to how they deal with you online, do they use some sort of deviance,I dont know but it sure feels like it sometimes but I do win and coversely I do lose and like the OP my feelings of being wronged by the casino are only prevalent when I just lost a lot and just too illustrate that in HD
    I had the game on tv a couple of weeks ago,feeling a bit down because I had a bad day online,just wanted the solace of being able to get a winning result without being hammered.I went through a theoretical 500 in 10 mins without a winner and actually caught myself asking the question,how did they know it was me...lol go figure

    Well thats my piece..if you got this far ,thanks for reading,oh if there are spelling or gramatical errors in here.Sorry but it dont change much...does it.

    Good luck in youyr future gaming....Your going to need it Grif
  38. Mar 25, 2013
  39. ziki61

    ziki61 Dormant account

    Web developper
    Weird bal?


    I know this threat is old but I can of want to get to the bottom of this, i've been playing with Party Casino with Live Roulette and sometimes it feel the ball just do weird thing... i've record my screen and got 2 play I want to show you. Just so you know this was taken about 15-20 minutes from each other. The second one might be normal but the first one feel... magnetized!

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    Just tell me if it's just me or something is going on... I will maybe try to record more later to be sure!

    Have a good day.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 12, 2017
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