GENERAL WARNING Curgam Malta Ltd, avoid all casinos in this group


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Jan 20, 2004
Over the last few months we've received a number of complaints from the various casinos in the Curgam Malta Ltd group. In all cases it's a slow-pay/no-pay situation where "payment pending" statements are issued after documents have been submitted and approved ... but nothing happens. The net result is that no payments are ever issued. Customer Service perpetuates the cycle by repeating the false "payment pending" claims or simply being unavailable and unresponsive.

Furthermore this group will often offer both a .com and a .biz skin of a casino yet each will deny knowledge of the other, usually in an attempt to dissociate themselves from negative reports. In fact downloading from most of the .biz sites will redirect the player to the .com parent (?) site.

At this point, and given the increasing frequency of these complaints we have to conclude that this group is in full-on Rogue mode: the bottom line is that they lying and stealing without restraint!

Warning: due to frequent slow-pay/no-pay reports and totally deceptive Customer Service practices we advise players to avoid all casinos in the Curgam Malta Ltd group including:
  • and
  • and
  • and
  • and
  • and ( will redirect here)
  • (added 20111102)
  • SlotsLuv (added 20111102)
  • >> stay posted for more!

The Operations Manager for these sites is often listed as "Jack Wells" and the site will often use "jack@..." and "support@..." as their email contacts.

The address usually listed for this company is:

Curgam Malta Ltd
Vincenti Buildings, Suite 659
14/19 Straight Street,
Valletta VLT, 1432, Malta

but the following address has also been seen:

Curgam NV
Calle 53, Urbanizacion Marbella
MMG Tower,Piso 16
Panama, Republica De Panama


Curgam NV
Emancipatie Boulevard 29
PO Box. 6052
Curacao, Netherland Antilles

Many, but not all, of these casinos are using RealTime Gaming (RTG) software and are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Note: the following Warnings have been issued against Curgam Malta casinos in the recent past:

Real Vegas: no pay, AWOL CS = Avoid!
Mighty Slots: no pay, no CS = Casinomeister Warning

At the time of this writing there are several PABs in progress against Curgam Malta casinos.
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A couple points to bring this issue up to date:
  • re: "there are several PABs in progress against Curgam Malta casinos". Most of those PABs ended badly. The casinos in question largely refused to cooperate with us on seeing those issues resolved. The end result of this is that the entire group has been added to our "No Can Do" List. As stated there this means we can no longer handle any player complaint related to Curgam Malta casinos.
  • there is a strong association between a number of Curgam Malta sites and a company called 'Futura Properties'. The sites often state in their 'About Us' that the casino is 'a member of Futura Properties'. Since Curgam Malta is the subject of this Warning it is reasonable to assume that the same caution should apply to Futura Properties.

Later: the whole Curgam Malta group has been added to the "No Can Do" List.
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Just updated the original post to include SlotsInferno and SlotsLuv.

I also see that Curgam Malta has added "Morriyen Investments" as one of their sister organizations. Until further notice one should assume that the Warning extends to this group as well. This would include the following, most of which are TopGame casinos:
  • Casino Lemonade
  • Casino Yes
  • Diamond Casino (
  • DiceLand Casino
  • Royal Privé Casino
  • SlotsLuv (already listed in the Rogue Pit)
  • Slots Inferno

Rome Casino is also a Morriyen Investments property but our past experience with them indicates that they should NOT be included in this Warning.
Looks like these guys never rest. Their latest step seems to be a move to Curacao under the name "Curgam NV". So far Mighty Slots is the only one of the original group to slide over to the new name, to which they've added Slots Inferno ( There's no doubt about the ties between the Curgam NV properties since "Jack Wells" is listed as the casino manager for both.

As it happens we've got PABs coming in regarding Slots Inferno so we'll know soon enough if there's anything more to the recent changes than a good excuse for more suntan lotion.

LATER: No change, the Slots Inferno issues went nowhere.
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Another timely *bump*. In case anyone was wondering we're still getting complaints about these guys -- no-pay, bogus excuses, the usual -- so the Warning is as relevant now as ever.

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