Cure unwanted White Borders using Paint...


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Aug 25, 2004
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A few peps here have posted screenshots where the slot shot itself appears too small and there's an annoying white border one 1 or 2 sides. These white borders are actually part of the picture, and so force the reduction of the whole shot when uploading to CM.

There are 2 possible causes for this, and both have simple cures!

Cause 1: The 'blank' paint frame is bigger than the screenshot before you paste it in.
Cure a: Before you paste your shot, make the blank frame smaller; Click "Image", "Attributes", and set the size to anything less than 400 x 400.
Cure b: After pasting the shot, point your mouse to the tiny blue box on the bottom right corner of the white border (circled in the second shot below), click & drag to meet the edges of your screenshot.

Cause 2: You paste your shot and then immediately go to "Stretch/Skew" and reduce the size of your shot;
When you paste your shot it is 'highlighted' (it has a moving dotted line border around it). Stretch/Skew only effects the highlighted section, so what it does is reduce the size of your screenshot, but does not effect the overall size of the whole picture - so you end up with a white border!
Cure: Click anywhere outside the picture before going to "Stretch/Skew"
(e.g. Click on the pencil - as shown in the shot below)

Remember, when you save your shot it should look like this (only grey around):-

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and NOT like this:-

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