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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I was happily playing on casino on net for a long time but decided to try Crystal Palace for a free bonus. I deposited $60 and they matched it $60. I called in the Western Union at 3:15pm ET. 10 minutes later they had picked it up according to Western Union's website. I called them about 30 minutes later saying this had been a reasonable amount of time and they responded they had not received it but I told them WU said they had, after 2 more calls they finally posted the money 2.25 to 2.5 hours after they picked it up. Then after all that I played spanish 21 $5 hand and lost 25 hands pushed a couple and won only one, it was a blackjack, I understand that even though im suspicious just because i lost so quickly at BJ doesnt mean its cheating. This is the cheating part though, After I got below the minimum of $5 I tried to go play my last little $2.50 on 25 cent video poker but you have to buy in for $5. I guess they feel entitled to anything under $5. They offer as little ad 5 cent but if you have under $5 you cant play them. My complaint about how wrong that is I sent to them 1 hour ago is still unanswered but I can tell you they are uninstalled from this computer. It seems anytime I play anywhere but "casino on net" or "paradise poker" I'm left disappointed.
RTG's Spanish 21 is called "Match Play 21" and it has a bug that took $280 of my moeny, and I had to fight hard to get my $$ back.

Please note that I've been playing Spanish 21 for years in Atlantic City, so I know this bug is for real:

If you DOUBLE DOWN and get a total of 21 and then the dealer also gets 21 (not bj), YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WIN THE HAND. However, RTG counts this is a push not a win.

ALL PLAYER 21's WIN REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE DEALER HAS (EXCEPT IF THE DEALER HAS BJ). Anyone who doubts this should check the Wizard of Odd's website, as well as read any book on the subject.

I had this situation come up 2 times, and all 3 times, it showed up as a push. Finally I took a screenshot, and sent to the casino, who promptly refunded my money.

However, after asking the casino for my gaming logs I found the 2 other instances of it happening for very large bets. At this point the casino manager and I got into a screaming match over the telephone. He told me he should never have refunded my money to begin with, and that I didn't know the rules of the game.

I explained to him that I know the game better than most dealers at land based casinos, and that I've read books on the subject, and I offered to refer him to several sites on the net that showed the correct rules.

It was only after I contacted RTG directly did he apologize and give me my money back along with an extra $100 bonus (with 10x playthrough). This is the only reason I am not mentioning the name of the casino.

However I was in play mode the other day, and noticed it happened again. Its shocking that they still haven't fixed it.
I had the same thing happen but figured that was just their rule, I pushed a 21 but it tied when if it were real spanish 21 the dealer would not have even tried ti draw because I would have already won. If you look at my previous post their rule section that the link in their software points to is a bad link so there is no telling what their rules are. Guess since they arent posted they can do whatever they want.
Well, the casino manager was very apologetic about the whole thing, but he said if both of us had been more polite, the whole thing would have been fully investigated, and that we never would have gotten into an argument to begin with. I agreed that a little common courtesy goes a long way.
I guess good things happen when you complain here, they emailed me that they read this and they refunded the $20 I got screwed on in a double i should have won even though they never checked their email, it was because i posted it here. Thats twice I've complained here about something and it got fixed, first time was thanks to Bryan. I guess this time to since its his site, thanks again.
I can'e believe that you don't think you were cheated if you only won 1 hand out of 25 playing blackjack. In a fair game the odds of losing 22 out of 25 hands is next to impossible, expecially if the game is truly random and the cards are dealt from a full 4 decks each time you hit.

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