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Mar 3, 2006
Hi everyone. I am new here as well to online gaming. Please bear with me a minute and allow me to explain the situation that has me very frustrated and if anyone could affer any suggestions or ideas they would be greatly appreciated. A few weeks ago Crystal Palace sent me there soft ware and a code for $300 in "free money". I downloaded the software played the "free money" up to $1000 on slots and attempted to cashout via overnight express. I knew it seemed too good to be true so I called their customer service number and was told I couldn't cash out the money because the playing requirements of the free money hadn't been met. I had no problem with that reversed the withdrawal and lost the "free money". One week ago they sent me another disc and a code for $50 in "Free Money" this time I lost the money right away. Then I used an e check to fund my account with $50 of my money and a coupon to match my deposit with $50 of their money. I played for over 5 hours (on slots playing $5 to $20 per spin) and cashed out via Overnight Express $2000. I immediately called customer service to make sure everything was okay with the withdrawal. Customer Service assured me everything was fine, the withdrawal was valid and there was nothing further I needed to do other than wait the 4 to 7 seven business days for it to be processed. I waited 2 more days and just to be sure called cutomer service again asked the same questions and received the same reassurances. Well yesterday, the 5th business day, I get a generic email saying my withdrawal has been denied. I call customer service again and the agent told me there is no reason why the withdrawal should have been denied but it is the weekend there and therefore no one was around for him to transfer me to. He told me to call back when the weekend is over. I shot off an email to customer service after the phone call with no reply as of yet. I am beginning to feel as though they are just trying not pay me.
Welcome LadyBrett.

Keep us updated if they continue delaying your payment. From the most recent thread on them there's good reason to believe that such pressure will help move things along for you.
Nice links, they're all mine ;)
Good luck with your money. Unfortunately, most players (including me) don't find out about this forum until after the fact. All this makes sense - you get a CD in the mail, think "well it has to at least be a decent (or well funded) casino since they can afford to send out all these CDs to people, and they have a nice platform and 24/7 support", etc. etc... until you try to cash the $ out only to find you're waiting and waiting for your money that's not coming.

From MY experience (if you're read the threats, you'll see that I just got paid on Thursday night) your best bet is: Call customer support in the morning, follow up with an email to them and call and email again in the evening. Or you could take the shortcut and tell the CSR you want to speak to his manager and tell him what's going on. I think I got lucky because I posted in the forums and they saw it, not to mention harrassed the heck out of them. I hounded them like crazy! You could always ask for the accounts department like they've probably asked you to do, but you won't ever get anyone...or they'll tell they're out to lunch, you haven't called during their business hours, no one is there at the moment, or the grand finale: you can't talk to them and they don't know know who told you to ask for that dept. in the first place!

Your situation differs a little from mine, as I was never told my withdrawal was denied (I never used any bonus money other than the free 200 bucks they gave me when i first signed up and hadn't yet deposited any money). I was never rude to them, but I did tell them that I had been waiting longer than their specified terms on withdrawals (the 5-7 business days) over and over. Try PMing Oliver Curran since he has an account on this forum and see what he says...add him to your buddylist so you can see when the last time he was on as well. If you did meet their wagering requirements and they said there wasn't a problem, you should get your money...but in a few weeks. Even after the fact, when I got my money, I emailed support and said thank you for paying me out, the CSR guy was totally cool and friendly to me. Like I said, try PMing Oliver and emailing and calling them like crazy. Good luck!!!

P.S. Take some screenshots of your account's funds on your computer and do email afterwards (mentioning the conversation you had with them) so you have some sort of documentation.

silcnlayc said:

Hi All,
Just wanted to update everyone to the fact that tonight I did get a full cashout from the Crystal Palace Casino. I am soooo happy.
Save yourself future heart ache and never play at this casino again. So many good casinos out there and you pick the one owned by a guy with a history of wrong doing in this industry

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