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Sep 14, 2003
Although Crystal Palace is RTG I've had nothing but great service and quick pay from them. The bonuses are good and I've won and have been paid in full in a timely manner. No hanky panky at all.
I like the software also.
crusher...I may be wrong but I can not think of anyone who has praised Crystal Palace.
I truly do not mean to be insulting at all by saying that.
Its not really relevant but I'd like to know what game you played...what your deposit was... how much you cashed in and how long it took to pay you.
I know noone has praised crystal palace so when I hit a royal for $4,000 I was a little apprehensive. I cashed out a good part of that.
11 minutes later my money was in my neteller. No casino has ever matched that speed. With my remaining balance I actually hit for around $1,000 more on a slot machine called "it's good to be bad" A few weeks later after having a lot of fun I cashed out my balance which I received in two days. I bought in originally for $100 and received a $100 bonus. I've been back on and have cashed in again and paid in three days.
When I complain about some really bad casinos like UK and Challenge casino and their bogus bonus the casino stays on the reccomended list.
I'll go to Crystal Palace and you go to Challenge Casino or Uk casino on Bryan's recommended list and we'll see who is treated better.
Hi Crusher,

The complaints you submitted are still being looked at. They haven't been forgotten.

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