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Dec 24, 2003
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Check this site out if you really think online casinos are honest
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I love websites, I own one myself about a former employer that still owes me money from an on the job accident. I dont know that I would mess with an online casino group like that though.
Is this the Claude Levy site, Bedunk?

If so, he has one on Starnet / WG too. Pretty vitriolic stuff that harks back to their feud when their software licensing agreements with Claude broke up. It makes interesting reading if you have the time, but doubts on its veracity have been expressed in the past, although Cryptologic and WG do not seem to have taken legal action to have it pulled down - it's been up there for ages.
IS this SITE for REAL?

Very interesting reading!!!

But is this information accurate and can the information be verrified? If so, I find this most disturbing. And if these allegations can be proven, will there be some sort of legal action persued against this alleged C-Mafia? And what about other persons involved as co-conspirators? If this is true, this would seem like a case the US attorney general would become interested in to further the course on banning on line gaming due to ties with an alleged Mafia right under the US nose.

But then again: JUSTICE IS BLIND.

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Claude Levy is an over-emotional big mouth. You can read a little about him here:

I would take anything he says with a grain of salt, and in his case you'll need a jumbo pack of iodized.
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just be honest eh?

Crypto pulled a license from my client and we were one of their first clients. They are very rude, arrogant, and a bad business partner but they have never lied or stole. Take this from a person who knows.


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