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Cryptologic/Wagerlogic throwing out the PIN?

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Macgyver, Apr 22, 2006.

    Apr 22, 2006
  1. Macgyver

    Macgyver Dormant account PABnononaccred

    North Carolina
    Didn't someone say a few weeks/months back that after a recent casino conferernce, Cryptologic/Wagerlogic casinos like Intercasino had decided to do away with needing a PIN to withdraw?

    I'm pretty sure that's what I remember, and I'm hearing a few comments from people who have recently withdrawn from Intercasino that they didn't need the PIN to do it.

    Help an old man and his leaky memory a bit ... :thumbsup:
  2. Apr 22, 2006
  3. Wildfire7

    Wildfire7 Dormant account


    Hi Macgyver,

    Yes I remember hearing this, and it was from Bryan himself who mentioned it after coming back from one of his trips.
    Thats the rumour, but way Bryan was talking it sounded as this could be happening sooner, rather than later.
    Any idea when Bryan? As these pins through the post are a real turn off for signing up for a new account.

  4. Apr 23, 2006
  5. vickie40

    vickie40 Vickie

    Making the US a safer place!
    I did a withdrawal from Intercasino last week and I didn't have to use my pin. I'm not sure about any of the the other cryptos' though.
  6. Apr 23, 2006
  7. CasinoForumu

    CasinoForumu Dormant account

    They send pin number and then ad posts.it is not nice to receive a post from an online gambling site to my home.
  8. Apr 23, 2006
  9. nafanny29

    nafanny29 Dormant account

    financail adviser
    London, England
    I think you need to put in the PIN just once when you sign up or activate your account on a different PC. Subsequent withdrawls do not need the PIN.

    I personally think the PIN is a very good way of confirming your address (better than sending in ID etc) and if I am correct about it only being needed once then thats excellent. :thumbsup: crypto
  10. Apr 23, 2006
  11. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    I was told last fall in Vegas that they were working on eliminating it, but that they were surprised how much it permeated the software they are using and that it was a long process to get rid of it.
  12. Apr 23, 2006
  13. bpb

    bpb Banned User - repeated violations of rule 1.14 (tr PABnorogue PABnonaccred

    Historically, the PIN had to be entered before each cashout. The pin was never needed for account activation after a reinstall.

    Intercasino no longer requires a pin for cashout. VIP still does. I haven't tried anywhere else.
  14. Apr 23, 2006
  15. Macgyver

    Macgyver Dormant account PABnononaccred

    North Carolina
    I have to beg to differ here ... many a time I needed the PIN in order to reactivate my account after having to re-download for whatever reason.

    I'll probably (hopefully) be back near the 1st of May to say whether I needed the PIN to withdraw. :thumbsup:
  16. Apr 23, 2006
  17. Macgyver

    Macgyver Dormant account PABnononaccred

    North Carolina
    Well, I'm back sooner than the 1st of May. :D

    Decided to test it out a little last night and I didn't need the PIN to withdraw either. Definitely in support of this as it means I don't have to wade through a bunch of forms looking for the right PIN. :thumbsup:
  18. Apr 23, 2006
  19. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    Yay! Lose the PIN! Lose the PIN!

    Or at least just have one per player at Cryptologic casinos rather than one per casino per cashout option :D
  20. Apr 24, 2006
  21. eranluv

    eranluv Dormant account

    the holy land
    ecash direct responce

    hi erevryone.

    this is the email they sent me today

    "Dear ????,

    Hello and thank you for contacting ECash Direct.

    With regards to your withdrawal query, please note that currently only Intercasino/ Interpoker and Classic Poker accounts do not require a PIN anymore."

    means - the rest still do.

    is It temporary and at the end everyone will switch?
  22. Apr 24, 2006
  23. herbie

    herbie Dormant account

    damn.. just waited two weeks for a pin from intercasino just to do the cashout yesterday and find out no pin is now required... But overall a good change...
  24. Apr 24, 2006
  25. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    The "pinless" withdrawal should be implemented accross the board at all Cryptologic casinos. This was announced at the CAC a couple of weeks ago.
    1 person likes this.
  26. Apr 24, 2006
  27. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister



    It was great news news when you had first mentioned it, and I'm really excited that you've confirmed it. :) I now look forward to start going to Intercasino, William Hill, and Littlewoods on a monthly basis.

    I was one of those who didn't go to those casinos as much as I would have liked, because of the pin issue. I was always looking for them to get that out of the way, to which they've done. Great news. :thumbsup:



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