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Nov 19, 2002
Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I think we all suspected that the changes on the Double Bonus video poker that were implemented at Intercasino a few weeks ago would spread to other Cryptos.

I was just playing a few hands at Will Hill and noticed it paid me 15 coins for trips. Oops! "What's this?", I thought. I guess they changed theirs too.

But at first you have to close the application and allow it a full upgrade before the pay table shows you the new schedule. However, their system is paying on the new schedule no matter what the interface tells you. So I'm just saying, don't be so surprised. Hey, it won't be too bad if you hit a royal for 4000 instead of 4200. I could think of worse scenarios. :D

Not sure if it has spread to all Cryptos yet. However, I called a friend of mine who plays at Littlewoods and he checked it and they too have changed over. I'll check Sands and Omni a little later, after I finish turkey dinner today.

It is interesting, that since Intercasino changed, I did some reading on 9-7 double bonus and it is actually quite interesting some of the changes it says you should make. I know the overall disadvantage will be more, but still, I think the new game is more interesting if you're into that sort of thing. For instance, the book says to break up Aces-up and throw the pair away. Hmmm. Also, it says to break AAA77 and throw the 7s away. Wow. I just think that is so interesting.

Anyway, I still love Cryptologic. But times change. Happy Thanksgiving to all! :thumbsup:

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