Cryptologic, sort it out!


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Oct 1, 2006
Belfast, Northern Ireland
I deposited $33 at Intercasino and claimed the 100% monthly bonus. It lasted just a few spins because I forgot to change the bet value from $1 to $0.01 :mad: I never thought I would lose my deposit + bonus in just a few seconds :eek: .

Why must every slot load with $1 coin size?! I'm sure less than 1% of players are betting $30 per spin. It sucks!!! :sob:


Funny the way things work out, after losing at Inter I thought i'd try TIV and hit this right away. So i'm not as annoyed now lol, but my point still stands :D
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Jun 16, 2005
Two Things:

1. You`re correct that the default bet should be a value that most players are likely to use. I hope all of the casinos that monitor this forum take note of this.

2. The player is still responsible for knowing how much they`re about to bet (and it is displayed in currency value right on the display, not in potentially misleading `credits`as some of the other casinos do it)

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