Cryptologic rooms frequent crashes/disconnections


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Jul 8, 2004
London, England
I have noticed that they have had 2 or 3 major crashes this week alone where the games freeze, everyone gets disconnected and the site is down for 30 minutes or longer.

It happened yesterday evening at 10pm (GMT)

This must be costing them a fortune in lost rake never mind all the emails from people just about to win a huge pot with a nut hand who are torn away from the game!!! (Id be really pi$$ed if that happened to me)

Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows what the problem is? Is it that they cannot handle so many players (over 3500 last nite) or some sort of DOS attack maybe?
Without knowing the true answer to the question, I'll venture a guess and say that DDoS attacks are most likely to blame.

Shortly after yesterday, the same thing happened to the Prima Poker (Microgaming) network.

Hackers are focusing more and more on Internet gambling related sites, trying to extort "protection money" from bookies, casinos and poker rooms.

If you do a google search or search on international news sites like cnn, you should be able to find articles about the problem.

Unfortunately I fear it is a problem that will continue to grow for the time being.

As an aside, I was playing in a $1500 tourney at about 10th place with 15 people out of 800 left when Crypto went down last night. That didn't make me particularly happy...
I am in the process of reviewing this room for Casinomeister. I had not played here in a while so I am refreshing my memory. I had a winning hand during one of these crashes. It was about a $20 pot at the time of the crash. They appear to have done away with all in protection even though there is a place to request it. I have emailed them twice about this hand, the first time several days ago and have yet to even get an answer. IMO the very least they owe me the money I lost in that pot. I do not even know who/what won it because that hand is missing from my hand histories as well.

If I could see simply see the hand history I would probably be happy. Who knowes, I may have had a loser and it saved me money. Either way they have had days to respond and have not.
My girlfriend had this problem about a month ago whilst playing on Caribbean Sun and the pot was $22 and she held the nut hand (on the river).

She emailed them (3 times) and finally got a responce along the lines of: "We have checked the hand log you are querying and can confirm that you folded the hand concerned"

She replied saying that the system "folded" her hand due the fact the whole site crashed, and she requested they re-check their records.

They then replied that they had checked with their tech support and that they advised that there had been no problems with their site that evening and suggested she check her internet connection. They declined a refund and insisted she was timed out and the hand folded due to her internet connection being lost (ADSL 1mb never lost connection in 6 months)

After this she didnt bother to reply.

Due to the above incident with my missus I no longer play any tourneys there and will only play low limit ring games. I do like the crypto sites but when their support doesnt even acknowledge that their site was completely out of action for over 90 minutes, it doesnt inspire any confidence in me to risk being disconnected in a large pot or in a tourney one place outside the money.

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