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I opened an account at Intercasino, but the software kept on blocking my pc. I had no prior experience with Cryptologic and reinstalled the program without even knowing I had to save my account info first. I found out about that later. Now it seems that my account is gone and the about $130 that are in it. I wrote the casino and Cryptologic and I am waiting for their response. Does anybody have experience with this kind of problem and will I ever get my money back?
problem resolved this is what they wrote me:

Please register the same credit card in the new account and then contact our
ecash department and from there we can transfer the funds to the new
account. It's the credit card with the last four digit (xxxx). We also need
the six digit pin number which is sent to you via regular mail, so as soon
as you receive that number please let us know and we'll transfer the funds.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

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