Cryptologic Has Silenced Rainman!!!


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Sep 6, 2003
I notice that Rainman has not posted on this forum for a week. My suspicion is that he uncovered some truly nasty secrets at Intercasino and Will Hill, leaving them no choice but to put a stop to his "cryptologic casinos are fixed" posts.

I truly believe his silence is proof that he was right.

I hope all readers here will join me in including Rainman in our prayers. Maybe with the help of the One Power greater than Cryptologic, he will one day return safely to us.

God save us all from the evil casino operators. :twisted:
Considering he has been in active voice elsewhere, I think it has more to do with the fact that most of us here simply ignore him.
I didn't post for over a week either. Hopefully no one tried to organize a search party. They would have needed a boat to find me.

But if people were praying for me, I think I felt a twinge of prayers as the drink-guy brought me an icy banana rum flavored thing with an umbrella sticking out of it. Thanks!
we were actually getting a little worried since there were no posts from you on casinomeister or any OTHER sites either. Thank the ONE POWER greater than Cryptologic that you are back...and well rested.
On a serious note Bryan, have you heard anything from G. Lodge for awhile? I can't remember the last time I seen one of his posts here or on any of the other forums. Have a good one.

No I haven't. I know a few weeks ago he was throwing the towel in saying he was fed up with this industry -- moving on to better things. I think he may have gotten involved in the "dating" industry -- promoting dating sites instead of casinos. This sounds nice since that is all about love instead of $$$$.
will hill has screwed me again. gave me a 40 bonus and I deposited less than 40. Second deposit i did more than 40 but said first deposit of the month. Was told by ecash direct it meant any 40 deposit that month regarless of first one. So ok I misunderstood their terms. I did not play with the bonus so y can't they just take it off? They said it is not possible. Not possible? That's bs for it says in the t&c the casino can remove the bonus at their discretion. They did say I could remove my deposit and download 2003 version and open a new account. The problem with that is 2003 wont let me in. Ive tried many times.I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor and they told me to email and what do u know they never answer. How convenient. They can have their 40 free with a 1200 now can u believe that? wr.That is simply not worth it.
Oh and I did fill out a pitch a bitch admin please help me. I am kinda afraid to withdraw my deposit cause they may cry bonus abuse and then next thing u know i will get banned from crytologic casinos.Was thinking about playing with it and if lost 40 withdraw my deposit but still bonus abuse i think. admin I need some advice if the 40 is not removed so I don't do something stupid.
Rainman, based on the experiences you have posted here, do you see being banned from cryptologic casinos as a bad thing?

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