Cryptologic debit card payment


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Dec 13, 2004
sunny croxdale
Does the way cryptologic pays back to debit cards have nay rhyme or reason.

My past 4 withdrawls have been bizarre, why cant they just refund the full amount to the card like other casinos.

As follows

Inter $, Deposited $100, got $100 bonus, cashed out $940, withdraw paid $113.84 to my card and sent me a cheque for the remainder.

Inter $ deposited $300 no bonus, cashed out $130, could withdraw full amount to card

Inter $ Deposited $500, $100 bonus, cashed out $150, $57 to card remainder forced to cheque

Inter deposited 400 no bonus, withdrew 525, 153.11 to card remainder forced to cheque.

It seems like they just pick a random number out of thin air to pay to my card, I know neteller solves the problem, but I want to keep that for poker only. Anyone else get this craziness did you find a way around it?
I still get this craziness im afraid. Their cashier has a secret RNG in it deciding the actual amount you can withdraw to the card im telling ya:lolup:

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