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Oct 28, 2002
I think that I could win a cryptologics blackjack game if I had more will power. But every time I get up by a siginicant amount, I will win up until a certain point, and then I get taken down with a vengance. I mean I will go from winning 2 out of 3 hands in a row to losing 10-20 hands in a row. I have the nasty habit of keeping on playing when it hits that point. For example, today I was up by $1400 when I started to lose. I started losing hand after hand, I counted maybe 7 or 8 hands in a row. I was so obsessed with trying to re-attain that peak amount of $1400 that I spent every cent. But the rate at which I lost was unbelievable. Its as if the casino boss said "its time to take this guy down". Not to mention you have to wait a freaking week to get your pin code. I have a hard time leaving that money alone when its in my casino account. Every time I sit down at my computer its right there for me to play with if I want. I wish I could overcome this, but Its happened more times that I would like to admit. I guess the only answer is just to plain not do it. Anyone else out there know how I feel??

I am definitely starting to 'HATE' online casinos. Maybe if I had not had so many bad expericnes I wouldn't feel that way, but I feel like mr. Anti-casino now.
If you truely like playing the casino games at Intercasino (Crypto), they have tournaments set up where you pay between $5 to $15 to join. You're given 30 minutes play time with play money and the top winners are eligible for cash prizes (up to around $1500 or so).

This would probably give you the game-play you're seeking with a minimum of risk and the chance to win some cash. All you're going to lose is the entrance fee.
Good idea Bryan. I've played in those very tourneys toofast, and actually won $100 for my $10 or $20 entry fee. Not a bad return.

I can tell you that yes, I do know exactly how you feel. I think most of us have probably had that very same experience at least once. I know I've lost $10s of dollars trying to get back $1 to get me to an even number (like from $99 to $100 so I can stop, but end up losing $50 chasing that $1). I think its just a cultural thing that we like round numbers and somehow $99 just isn't the same as $100 even though its only a 1% difference.

What you have to do is set yourself some upper and lower limits when you play. Say you deposit $50, set your upper limit to say $100. When you hit $100 you cashout, even if you seem to be doing ok. If you hit something good and you go from say $90 to $110, then play it until you lose back to $100 and stop, or set yourself another upper limit of like $125 or $150 and stop there.

For the lower limits, say if you deposit $50 and lose $10 or $25, you stop and come back later or tomorrow. I think if you lose 1/2 your stake, you probably should push yourself away and come back later (or try a different game). Lady luck is just not on your side at that point.

Hope that helps, its tough to do but you'll feel better about your gambling if you do. A bunch of small wins are so much better than a big loss.
Avoid intercasino for blackjack at all costs. They cheat as well as willliam hill at bj too. 4 times now I was able to hit and the dealer had bj. That is not possbile. They never answer your emails either so don't hold your breath.
interasino and william black is ok
i been playing at william hill , for over two years and i had up and down, right not i am up to 1600 on a 100 depoist at interasino and on 200 depoist i am up 2200 at william , about to cash out on both on sunday

cause u lose a few times , u should not bad mouth a casino

i am even doing well at a micro casino 100 depoist up to 1200. in 4 days of play
just because they get bj when you can hit does not mean they are cheating. However, I found it kind of fishy when I was going 10-20 hands in a row of losses, they will not see me again, ha ha.
This probably isn't going to be very helpful to how you feel, but losing 10 in a row in BJ is not particularly unusual. Assuming you lose around 58% of hands, it's around a 1 in 232 event. If you play very much BJ, you can pretty much expect that to happen. Losing 20 in a row is an accomplishment -- somewhere in the range of 1 in 54,000 or so. Unlikely, but not impossible.

Some disclaimers: These numbers aren't exhaustive or precise. I got them by simply raising .58 to the appropriate power (10 and 20 respectively), so I'm neglecting pushes. And of course you can affect the chances of losing n in a row by how you play.

I'm not suggesting that you should or should not play at any particular casino, or that you should or should not play BJ. Just throwing some numbers into the mix.

Other disclaimers: YMMV. IANAL. This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. Get and read carefully the prospectus. Hot filling may be hot.
i just saw about 5 min ago, someone win 1000 bucks on the mp black jack table.

also i am up 2300 bucks, dont believe me , let me know when u want me to sign on.

intercasino, is over all a safe place to play
yes it does. they have to check for bj and if they have it, the game stops. Their customer support is terrible. been over a week now and no return email. 24hr response time, lol I don't think so.
jpm- Your analysis about chasing that one dollar is dead on! It's probably the biggest struggle with playing online.

I've played 1000's or even 10,000's of hand of BJ at cryptlogic casinos and have never seen what you descibe rainman.

for my money cryptlogic is the best.

BTW - the waiting for the PIN only happens the 1st time, yes that is a pain and why they do it when no one else does is a mystery. But afer that one time, they are by and far the FASTEST at making payouts!

Good Luck
I agree with you there about the payouts. Yes I have won there before but not much. I was up 1200 about 3 wks. ago or so.I started betting bigger and went down to around 800.NOw I cashed out around 300 approx. After that I lost way more than before i made the cashout. Was winning like it was nothing before this cashout.Very very fishy. The dealer cheated me 6 times now on bj. 12 bucks or more based on my betting amount.Dealer must cheack for bj before the hand can continue and it did wihen dealer had it. That is unfair.
Rainman, I'm confused. Are you saying that the dealer checked for blackjack after you were both dealt your first two cards, and when he checked it showed the green light indicating no blackjack? Then after you played your hand he flipped his card and had a blackjack??
no, he did not check period. but I was able to hit and then he had it anyways. Hey behug let me know when u going to sign on to inter and your name so I can watch u.

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