Casino Complaint CryptoCurrency Casino Taking Deposits/Withdrawals from Underage Brother


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Mar 29, 2018
Hello all, I'm not entirely sure if this can be resolved in anyway but I'd like some help/insight if possible. My younger brother has always enjoyed watching poker and this translated into a liking for gambling/slots in general. However, he is underage and as such barred from any online gambling. However, it has come to my attention that bitcoin casinos with a license(Curaco eGaming) have allowed him to deposit/withdraw in excess of 200 transactions without a single verification. Of course he's lost loads of money, but he's also become addicted to gambling before he's even of age. While I'm skeptical that casinos that willingly take deposits/withdrawals without verification will respond to such complaints, I'd like to see if there is any recourse?
This casino didn't ask for name. The only information required was a DOB + e-mail address, which could easily be changed.
From what I have read so far seems your kinda buggered. Curaco eGaming license casino seem to be going rogue. Only option you have is by contacting the bank if that's how he deposited them.
Many years ago I did a very small search about bitcoin.
If I had bought some I would be a millionaire now :p
Same I was once offered 1 bitcoin for £10 how I wish I realised now what it would become I thought it would never take off.
Except you would've lost all your coins in one of the many exchange hacks/scams, even if not and you had managed to hold on to them good luck exchanging them for anything except 10% of their "value" in iTunes gift cards.
Everyone has a story to tell on how they 'just' missed out on the boom or know someone or their dog who has :laugh:

Of more concern is how younglings are even allowed to handle cryptos and deal/ trade in them? I take it there's no age' verification with them?
I understand that they wouldn't be able to stop him if he lied about his age initially, but there are over 200 deposits and withdrawals, I would imagine that at some point there would be a verification check.
There should have been verification at 1st cashout, however it is not uncommon for some casinos to skip this. The casinos that do, usually end up on the rogue list because it is not best practice.

How did your brother deposit? Is your brother in the USA? I ask as only certain states allow gambling and then, only to licensed operators. If they are not licensed or in a regulated State, then you brother is out of luck. There is pretty much zero recourse in this scenario.

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