Crypto Hulk slot playing weird?


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Oct 13, 2003
Anybody noticed that the 50cents crypto slot Hulk is rather weird in the way it plays? It does not seem random at all - payout on the features feels like they've got a max win. And other things are strange too:

If you enter the Hulk feature, and hit the questionmark in the first roll of the dice, you almost always gets the yes/no "game" - I have never lost this one! And it pays nothing, you just avoid exit from feature..

Using Hi/Lo option when you have rolled the dice is DANGEROUS! I almost always lose with this, no matter how high or low I rolled the previous turn. One time, I had an extralife, rolled 3, went for Hi/Lo (chose high ofcoz), and a 2 showed up. I went for Hi/Lo again (yes - chose high) and a 1 came up, and I was out of the feature.

The bonusgames seems fixed - I have yet to hit a good win in them. Almost always, they pay LESS than it costs to enter them, or they pay the same. Best trategy seems to be to ALWAYS collect when getting 2$ or more, since you are doomed hereafter.

The superhulk feature is REAL crap, and you almost feel sad if you hit it. 3 times in a row i got in the feature and hit a 10 right away and landed on a KO field, exitting the feature. The next time I entered, I had an extralife. I hit 4 for the first KO field (extralife now gone) and then 6 for the next KO field. If I don't hit KO I hit the questionmark, and so far EVERY time I have hit "Game Over". I have not ONE single time hit a paying field in the super hulk feature.

When you are able to nudge, you are always one nudge short of that REALLY good hit. I have never been able to nudge me to anything but the LOWEST paying symbol, namely one or two tanks.

And so on a so forth... PLaying it for quite a while to try and get into the game... But it just SCREAMS "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGED!!!!!!!" like you wouldn't believe. That dice is rolling REAL strange and the games plays like ... well... dung?
The first time I played that fruit machine, I kept hitting $10 winners in the symbol match bonus round. It happened five times in just a few minutes. I was starting to think there was a bug.

Now that I have a little more experience I've seen the exact same behavior as you.

I believe in that in the hi-lo game, the result is basically predetermined in all of the Crypto fruit machines. If you have an 11, you don't have a 10-1 chance of winning by picking 'low'. It is basically a coin flip.

The 'nudge' and 'hold' feautures are useless as far as I can tell.

The board games are very frustrating. I hate the question mark and the tendency to land on the 'game over' square.

If they made it seem less rigged it would be very enjoyable with the large variety of features the game has to offer.

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