Crown Vegas is trying to steal my winnings on a 4k royal


Just like I offered to Bryan, I'll be happy to GHOST my laptop's harddrive image and let you check out all the cache files intact. If you think that will put an end to this once and for all, I'll do it.
GHOSTing your drive won't prove anything. You would have had to NOT access the computer since the date of the cache. Plus, the laptop up and dies on you just at THAT very moment?

You've got to admit that this event, true or not, ranks very high on the unbelievable scale.

And you would be extremely surprised what I can recover from a drive that was thought to be dead and buried. I wouldn't want a ghosted drive. I would want YOUR drive AND computer.
No, it didn't die that moment. It died a few days later. Notice on my history the entry for the CV was "3 weeks ago", and I have entries for "2 weeks ago." I never said it died that very moment.

Also, I never said that the drive died. The motherboard did, thus I was able to access all the data.

If you don't believe an image of the HD with all the files intact is proof, you are skeptical beyond belief.
I didn't say you said your drive died. I said even if a drive is dead and buried I can recover data from it - which is to say that I can track probably every action ever taken on that drive.

Which means that I want YOUR drive, not a copy. You want it proven? GHOSTing is useless for anything but archiving or cloning. It will never ever prove anything.

You won't believe it when I uncover all that porn you were looking at and thought you had safely deleted and wiped away.
Do remember the problem I had in May with my bank charging me 5 times for the two charges I made at CV? At first I thought CV made the charges, then I found out it was my bank. At this time, I may have received the same promotion from CV that vtrac had gotten, but I was upset at the time and just deleting anyting regarding bonuses from CV.
Would it help if I sent you my drive? I honestly do not know what this means, but I can try to help and clear this up. I was playing alot at CV at that time, so if a large promotion was sent out I think I would have received one also. Please let me know if I can be of some help. By the way, if you find porn on my puter definitely let me know since hubby will have to get hit with a frying

I don't think your drive would help - the promotion may or may not have been valid - much of this is still sketchy.

However, the reason I want the drive is simply to see exactly what is - AND was - on that particular drive.

I'm sure vtrac would thank you for offering to help, though :) Also, your computer almost certainly has purged all that information by now because the "history" generally goes back no more than a month.
Hi Spearmaster,
I really do not know anything about computers. I just figured that maybe we could put and end to this once and for all.

P.S. - I really wanted the chance to hit hubby off da head....lmao.
Nothing stopping you from grabbing the nearest frying pan and bopping him one - and when he asks why, you can tell him "Because Spearmaster said to" LMAO...
Hi Spear, Jetset, Bryan, Jyde :

Vtrac is one of the good guys. He is not making a frivolous or deceitful complaint.

I've known him very well for several years now. A man of integrity - scrupulously honest and forthright in all matters between us. Have, and continue to trust him entirely and he has been unfailingly reliable.

Also know him by reputation from other folks who have, over the years, shared with me their high regard for his abiities and honesty, and similarily hold him in a position of trust.

In online gaming he has helped other gamblers who have had problems with casinos and, ironically, I personally know he has assisted your efforts (via a third party) in supporting fair casino play.

The way this thread was developing was concerned that an important message/warning was going to get lost in the uncertainty of an anonymous allegation.

As for screwing up on T&C's when lured into playing with a bonus, well we have all lost our virginity in that area [a few times :) ]. And we've all seen complaints from dishonest (or dillusional?)players who try to suck you guys into going to bat for them hopeing to recover some cash from the casino. Then when you report back to them how the casino shows the player messed up, they say "Oh well it was worth a try". !!!*^##!!!! ...... Well this is NOT one of those cases.

I've known vtrac to make errors in gambling online. He lets people know, as i do, make light of it - then move on. And the 4 figure account balance in question here does not seem of the scale to cause gamblers anxiety.

So, FYI, vtrac is a straight shooter.
Ok - and only because Portia has vouched for vtrac, I will point out exactly what concerns me.

1. That history is way, way too clean. Yes, perhaps he only used it for online gambling. But if he had used that particular computer to read the email offer, there must necessarily have been an entry for either and/or if his claim that it was sent to a Hotmail address is to be believed.

Suffice it to say that the history is either modified or that vtrac did not tell the truth about a hotmail account.

2. Assuming that he did indeed use the laptop solely for the purpose of online gambling, it is very difficult to believe that the mainboard would just up and die right afterwards. Now I don't know the brand or the specs - but mainboards on laptops as well as desktops don't just "fail". There are almost always signs of problems beforehand - and all things considered mainboards generally don't die.

3. Assuming the mainboard did indeed die, I would like to know what brand the computer was and where it got fixed - because most notebooks need to be sent back to the factory for repair - and there isn't a very high chance of seeing the notebook back for at least a few weeks.

4. Just for the record, I am not a fan of Crown Vegas nor do I promote them, nor have I ever done so. My opinion is solely based on the analysis of the peculiarities involved based on my background as a computer integrator. That promotion may well indeed have been altered - frankly, I'm almost willing to take that at face value. But the strangeness of the issues with the laptop really left a strong sense in my mind that all was not as it seemed.
I too had concerns about the newly discovered history on Vtrac's laptop. Along with Spearmaster's concerns, I have one very important one.

The URL in his history cache shows the address for the copy of the coupon that the Crown Vegas rep posted here when this all started. All of the coupons I get from CV have a COMPLETELY different address in the embedded links (for terms & conditions, etc., I always look at those things before I click them to see if I've been spammed by an affiliate). The address was always something along the lines of (though now they point to and I'd never seen the address in the format of the one CV provided and that Vtrac later showed in his cache. Based on that, I was a bit skeptical of his evidence.

I also have no affiliation to CV, and in fact can never seem to win there regardless of what I play.
Spearmaster, I don't think you're fully reading my posts.

1. I have previously told you that I use Outlook Express on that laptop to access hotmail. OE connects directly to hotmail's mail servers without having to use IE. Why would there be any reason for my mail connections show up at all in IE's cache if I didn't use IE?

2-3: If you must know, I unintentionally broke my laptop. To make a long story short, my only USB port was damaged. When I am travelling, I use my cell phone as a modem via the USB port to connect to the internet. When I got home, I disassembled the laptop, desoldered the broken USB port, and soldered one from another computer on the laptop's motherboard. It was a quick and sloppy operation, and now it appears as though the motherboard is dead. I never got it fixed, and just ordered a new laptop and a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter. I used the adapter to grab my data off the old laptop's HD. If you must know, my old laptop was an HP Omnibook 6000 and my new one is a Compaq Evo N612. My experience is in electrical and computer engineering, so I feel that is perfectly valid for me to go taking apart my computers/laptops and doing what I feel necessary.

Now, I can go on and on about exactly what happened, but that would just be even more absurd.

Thanks for vouching my credibility, Portia. I really appreciate it.
Well, if you have the money to go around destroying notebooks like that... LOL... I have an Omnibook 6000 as well. And that thing is as rock solid as they come, but then again I don't replace USB ports on a regular basis.

I hope your Evo is not as bad as the old Compaqs, else you will be sending that in for servicing in the first six months.

Had you described this scenario earlier I would have believed it. But Bryan is handling the negotiations with CV so I'm out of it from here - I wasn't even going to join in but your first description and pictures really looked strange to me.
Bryan, are you actually in negotiations with CV, should I look somewhere else, or should I just give up hope? I don't mean to rush you or whatnot, but I sure would like to know whats going on.
just had the same problem as vtrac with prism casino robbed me of $1000 even got an almost identical email are they related (prism and crown not prism and vtrac lol)
Markey111: It is unfortunate that you are getting ripped off as well. While I don't believe Prism & Crown Vegas are related, I hold them to about the same regard - scum.

It is also unfortunate that the only people who can make a difference really don't give a damn. It's amazing to me how these people can build themselves on the pretense of being players' advocates, but yet when they're presented with evidence of a casino's blatent cheating, their true hypocrisy unfolds.

I'm disappointed that your post didn't even warrant a response, but I suppose the powers that be probably wish that this thread would just silently go away.

It basically boils down to money - when it really matters, the advertising dollars come first.

I take your comments to heart, and I think that you fail to see that most everyone, including myself, felt that the casino was not at fault.

Go back and read the comments that everyone made, and you'll understand. I've talked to most of these people face to face about this, and we still feel this way. It's nothing personal, but what you presented just didn't convince everyone.

Secondly, your comments are out of line. To state that "people who can make a difference really don't give a damn" is just a bunch of bullshit.

I didn't reply to Markey111's comment because #1 I was on vacation. #2 There are a shitload of other people monitoring this board and I'm not hanging over it 24 hours a day.

I would also like to point out that perhaps up to 50% of the complaints that I deal with are from fraudulent players. Take that as you will.

I also feel that your ingratitude is downright surprising. Why in the hell should I waste a single moment out of my life to assist you? Crown Vegas is not one of my sponsors. I just happen to know the guys, and they were at one time one of the only RTG casinos that I presented here.

You also know damn well that I have been instrumental in recovering $$$ five figure sums sometimes on a monthly basis for players. It seems that you have a sour taste in your mouth since you weren't one of the players who was found in the right.

In the future, I hope that you'll have better luck with casinos that you choose to play at, and that you are more cautious on your online activities. I also hope you don't have anymore online casino "problems", at least none that you expect to be taken care of here. I'll be damned if I waste my time with the likes of you again.

It is your site, your time, your choices. I can do nothing but post an opinion, wrong or right. Sure, I do have a sour taste in my mouth, but it is not because of you. While you could have helped the situation, I put blame where it is due and that is directly at Crown Vegas & RTG. From my perspective, you really did nothing for me but question my integrity, so I'm not quite sure why I should be grateful. However, I do realize that a good portion of your inquiries involve fraudulant players, so I felt that you were completely justified in doing so. I felt I was completely patient in awaiting your response.

My comments about the industry are just from my limited perspective. They are my feelings about most of the online gaming world - it is all about money. Hell, look at the old OPA and Steve Adkins.

In any case, I've put the money past me. I was surprised you allow yourself to be lied to by Crown Vegas/RTG. I think what gets me more than anything is the fact that you, as well as several others, have either 1.) compromised your morals or 2.) have unintentionally gotten the wool pulled over your eyes. Neither case is good.

I've had disputes with casinos in the past. When I realize that I am in the wrong, I will be the first to drop it and accept the matter. Rules are rules, and I've been online long enough to make sure I comply with everything before I even think about playing at any casino. However, this Crown Vegas affair is astounding to me. It is the first time that I have ever seen a casino intentionally try and steal winnings from an individual player. I was completely shocked. I couldn't wait to let the world know. I was so sure that Crown Vegas would get punished for their mistake. I was even more shocked when I realized it wouldn't happen. This is the basis for my comment about those with the influence just looking out for their own interests, and this is why I feel that you must either be blissfully ignorant or just plain immoral.

Thanks for the audience, Bryan.
Ouch Vtrac, those be some harsh words. Unfortunately those words wont bring back your money and in the grand scheme of things are counterproductive and uncalled for. To slander someone who actually took the time to look into your case when you made the concious decision to play an RTG which is a judgement error to begin with on your part is simply dumb. I have not been gambling online very long and even I know to play an RTG is to risk having your money stolen. Perhaps if you had a case with a casino that Bryan actually advocated Im sure he would have righted the situation, but since you choose to play an RTG which Bryan has said he does not wish to deal with their problems you are putting yourself at the mercy of the casino. BTW the details of your case Vtrac are so sketchy that deductive reasoning would lead to someone not seeing your side of the matter. Either way, suck it up and get on with your life. Please dont slander someone who, if you had of taken his advice on what casinos to play, you would not have had problems.
This is the basis for my comment about those with the influence just looking out for their own interests

What a load of shit, vtrac. Bryan was not carrying any advertising for Crown Vegas at the time - and I never did.

How the hell does that make us "looking out for our own interests"?

It's big-headed people like you who take advantage of people who try to help by accusing them of being immoral that ruin it for everyone else - or couldn't you figure that out?

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