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Apr 12, 2002
Brooklyn, NY
Well everyone its time for me to eat some crow.
Crown Vegas did NOT put through my deposits 5 times, nor did On Demand Funds. The true culprit is MY BANK!!!!! Even though, I had been to my bank twice, today I was thinking the only connection between the deposits I made was my bank. On Demand Funds has their own processor, as does Crown Vegas. So, I went to my bank and insisted that each day from the beginning of March, that I see exactly what was done with my account. At first, they were reluctant to take the time to do this, but when I threatened to close all my accounts they became very hospitable.
I sat with the Manager of Independence Savings Bank (which is my bank) and we went through every day starting with March 1st. When we got to March 17th, there it was $189.20 posted 5 times,
the same showed for the $50 charge, as well as that $1 charge, which I do not know what the heck thats for. Upon further investigation, the bank manager was able to uncover that the Bank's processor put through these charges five times. It was not the fault of Crown Vegas, nor On Demand Funds. I asked the Manager, how the hell did this happen and he basically gave me conversation rather than an acceptable answer. I told him, if it ever happens again, I will be in to close all my accounts and I will want cash since I would be afraid that a bank check from them might bounce!!! For all the trouble they caused, they waived the $60 in fees which I incurred due to hitting my overdraft (how very kind of them).

In any event, I must apologize profusely to Crown Vegas Casino and especially to Steve Bennet. I have already spoken to Steve and did apologize. He was extremely kind and accepted my apology.

There are no words to express how embarrassed I am, nor how sorry I am for the negative posts that I have written at this site.

Bryan, I am sorry for wasting your time regarding this issue. I know that you were trying to get to the bottom of this situation for me. I do not know what to say...other than that Crown Vegas is a very reputable casino as they were working as hard as they could to find out where the error had taken place.

I have learned one thing throughout this whole mess, and that is do not accuse anyone until you have proof that they were in the wrong. I will be sending a letter to the CEO of my bank and informing him of all that happened.

God Bless our Troops.

I think you oughta close your bank accounts now. Not only is that unacceptable but totally outrageous.

You could almost expect that of a processor, or even of a casino. Definitely not from a bank.
I'm glad that you were able to get to the bottom of this! :axeman:

Look at this as a learning experience. I'm glad most everyone involved were pretty helpful and it was resolved fairly quick. Don't worry about wasting my time, this was a fairly easy fix since I have direct commo with Crown Vegas.

But for anyone feeling sorry for me can always visit here:
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Wow Linda, what a story! I have to hand it to you though for your public apology though, good going.

I would close my accounts in that bank so fast it'd make their heads spin. That is totally unacceptable for them to do once, let alone twice!
Crown Vegas hasn't paid me my little winnings I requested in March and Manager Approved on April 01, 2003.
Have sent 5 e-mails to them on the issue, first 2 came back with, Sorry, Closed on Week-ends, other was, they couldn't find a tracking number for the withdrawal. Third, fourth and fifth e-mail has been completely ignored, so far.

All RTG casino's software has been uninstalled from my computer, except for one, which I have played at since August of 2002 and not ever a problem with anything from them.
I sent another e-mail to the manager of Crown Vegas, I received this response yesterday,
April 23 :

Dear Deborah

I would like to extend my most sincere apologies for the delay in getting back to you as well as for the delay in your payment.

We have been busy moving our support team during the time period that your withdrawal was approved and somehow there was a mistake and your withdrawal did not go through. We are busy processing it right now and as soon as I have a tracking number for you I will e-mail you with it.

I understand that this must be very frustrating and I have deposited a $25 inconvenience bonus into your casino account to apologise for the mistake.

Thank-you for your patience.

Best Regards

Steve Bennett
Crown Vegas Online Casino
Casino Manager
Get the Royal Treatment!
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I just might get it, the $25.00 bonus was there.

Steve looked up his book-of-slow-pay-excuses (RTG trademark) and came up with the "we-have-been-moving-our-support-team" one!!
Hi All,

I received my check Monday, April 28th from Crown Vegas. They paid.
The fact that crown vegas consistently makes people jump through hopes in order to cash in makes me feel that they are deinitely not worth playing even if matters eventually do get solved. Why play at a casino that is a 50/50 shot of having problems with when there are so many decent casinos out there.
I agree with you 100% whitteyford... I sometimes forget that we're the customers here. If I walked into a store and was treated like we all are at some of these casino I sure as hell wouldn't go back.

It's about time casino owners get their stuff together and stop relying on our good graces...I guess by opening a new casino every month they think they can hide their past antics.

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