Crown Vegas Casino info?


Dormant account
Jun 4, 2002
Wonder if anyone's had any experience with this casino. I was thinking about opening an account.
This may be a day late and a dollar short jd, but I opened an account with them about 6 wks ago. They have great customer service and maybe it's my imagination, but lately my Joker Poker hasn't been returning as it did early on. It's noticeable enough for me to have stopped playing there in favor of other memberships I have. I see no real problem in opening an account, but I would deposit very conservatively and then judge for yourself.
Take great care here - there were rumours not long ago that one Larry Thom was involved in this venture. Larry was the man in charge at The Casino Online (TCO) that left owed players to the tender mercies (fifty percent payouts) of RTG when the joint went belly-up and hasn't been heard of since.
I tried them out a few months ago and had no problems. recently I even got a 125% bonus on Keno, so I would say they work for me great!
But I agree with allzfair- different strokes for different folks - I would say at least try them first before you judge! :rofl:
They don't allow double down on their Video Poker!?! I will not open an account for this simple reason.

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