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Feb 21, 2003

I signed up at Crown Vegas on the recommendation here and thank you for the lead.

I busted out the deposit and bonus quick as I went for a big hit early. Some days it is wine and some days its vinigar. But then I get another offer for yet another bonus.

After all of the hullabalu about what coupons can be used, I just emailed back the liason and asked. Have not heard back and time is running out for this weekend bonus, so I would be interested in the opinion here. I have already done the sign on bonus. Here is the coupon I got. Can I use it? I think I can use them both - anyone agree? disagree?

Peter-client liason-CrownVegas >,<, wrote:


50% Bonus Up To $20 FREE!

Use Coupon Code: UF849

20% Bonus Up To $100 FREE!
Use Coupon Code: JQUEX

Guaranteed Payout's Within 24hrs
At Crown Vegas Casino, we guarantee payout's above $100 within 12 to 24 hours once we have received an APPROVED FAX BACK FORM! To download the Fax Back Form, click here.

$$$ No More Credit card Denials $$$.....

... Terms and Conditions Apply
*Please note these bonuses can only be taken up once only!
*Other bonuses cannot be used in conjunction with this offer!
*Please see our Website for our Full Terms and Conditions!
*Enter Coupon code into casino bank prior to making a deposit.
*Bonuses cannot be used or played first on Potoon, Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette until the bonus wagering requirements have been met. All illegal play will void winnings and bonuses.
*Bonuses must be played out one at a time, and each bonus requires a new deposit.
*Play through is 10x both the deposit and the Bonus.
*Danish players please see Website for Terms & Conditions.
I got the same email, and I'm already a player there, so I'd say yes you can use this. Typically I get an email like this from them every weekend. And the terms & conditions are pretty clear. Nice of them to include them in the email, most casinos don't do that and you have to go chase them down at the website.

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