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May 28, 2001
I made a mistake by playing here.

Even though I personally have never had a problem here previously, I didn't heed the warnings of another message board. I did well at the games and requested a cash out of $700 from my $100 deposit plus $100 bonus. This morning my account was locked. I sent an email to find out why and was told that I was ineligible to participate in promotions. This was news to me as I have never been told that in the past.

I got a personal call from the Manager who called me a bonus abuser and to not bother to attempt opening an account at Casino Heat because I was banned there too. I had played extensively at Extreme and even made deposits without bonuses in the past. The problem is that I obviously didn't lose my deposits and actually cashed out more than I deposited.

The bottom line is that they are refunding my deposit and stealing my $600 winnings and locking me out of Extreme and Casino Heat.

Another bunch of crooks that make up the rules as they go and in my case absolutely lied about previous notification of promotion inelgiblity.
Casino Extreme has been around for a while and is reviewed here at Casinomeister
Was this thier Xmas 100% match bonus?

I got that offer too.Just the other day..

Man,even xmas aint sacred anymore...What a wonderful present i'm sure.Seeyah..
Hi Tdubnik,

Could you please clarify which rule you did not follow in their terms and conditions? What excactly did they tell you? Did the manager explain what a "bonus abuser" is? Why were you disqualified?


I followed all of the rules.

The promotion was for a bonus of $100 for a deposit of $100. I met all of the requirements for the promotion which included wagering and cashing out an amount greater than your deposit plus bonus after meeting the wagering requirments.
The requirement was that the deposit and bonus be wagered 8 times. I wagered in excess of 10 times. The bonus was $100 and since I cashed out $700 after meeting the wagering requirement, this certainly met the requirement that I cash out "a profit greater than the amount of the bonus."

I followed all of the "written rules", I messed up on the unwritten rule that "you have to lose or we will keep your winnings and lock your account."

The Manager called me a second time and informed me that he is NOT concerned that I am posting my experience on the boards. He said "this doesn't affect my business in the least."

We'll see.
The manager cannot be serious?

Well i'll tell you for sure it does affect business!Unless my money does'nt count that is...

I've played at both and won.They will not get a chance to get it back...I've just got another email offering a $300 bonus for a thousand dollars.Pity really,because they were nice to me and paid me promptly.I never knew they were bad eggs until after i'd played there.

Dear Mr Manager man of Extreme and Heat.Do you like tennis?Remember Mcenroe?I'll say no more!
Dear Tbudnik.

Did the manager not say what he thought you'd done wrong?

I think the Meister is asking for what the manager said,not your opinion.(i think)
The manager said that I had not deposited and played enough without bonuses. When I pointed out that I had in fact deposited and played without a bonus, he said "I see that and it doesn't impress me."
No mention of what constitutes "enough"?

Is "enough" defined anywhere in thier rules?
In a word -- "no".

There is no mention of requiring deposits without bonuses at all. Not only that, but the offer I played was addressed to me directly from the Casino. I did not obtain it from a message board or portal.
Hi Tdubnik,

The Casino Manager is correct. You know what, the casino refused to send you the mony becase you won too much

Hi Tdubnik,

Casino Extreme's management is under the impression that they notified you in July that you were not to participate in any bonuses. They state:

"This individual was shut out of the casino on the 19/07/2001 he then told Richard that he would only play with no promos he then had his acct
reopened on the 24/07/2001 he then deposited $250-00 played it over once left it in his account untill 09/09/2001 he then withdrew $175-00.

He then arrives on the 22/12/2001 and tries to claim a bonus he was told numerous times that he could not participate in promos he makes one token
deposit of $250-00 which he leaves in his account for 2 months and thinks he can just come in here and claim promos."

This seems pretty cut and dry. Do you have copies of any emails that would negate this statement?

I have no information about ever being shut out of Extreme. I have a complete email history of my dealings but there is nothing about being banned from promotions or being locked out of my account. To my knowledge this account has never been locked. Please have Richard forward to you any email notification of this locking incident.

Regarding the deposit, he is correct that I deposited $250 on 7/24 but I played it more than once. On 7/24 I played two sessions wagering $267.50 and $272.50 respectively. On 7/25 I wagered $40. On 8/1 I wagered $237.50 and on 8/16 I wagered $177.50. I then withdrew $175 on 9/9.

I was not aware of any requirement that I play the money in my account until I lose it. As a player at online casinos, my goal is to win some money; the same as most other players. I try to get lucky and beat the house advantage and cash out ahead. Sometimes I play and lose some money. When this happens I will cash out when it feels like I won't recover and get ahead.

There is no question that I take advantage of bonuses when they are available. Any edge that I can get to overcome the built in advantage of the house is welcome. I do the same thing at land based casinos. As I write this, I am sitting in my hotel room at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. I am here because they sent me some cash coupons in the mail. I have done this on every occasion that I have played here. In other words, I have only played here when I have coupons or promotions that cut the house edge. I have been here over 20 times this year and cashed coupons every time but they have not felt it necessary to bar me from play. They have never balked at taking a coupon and have never told me that I must play without promotions. They have never sent me an offer and then AFTER THE FACT revoked it just because I happened to win.

If Richard doesn't want me to play at his casino then I should have been notified. This notification should not have occurred AFTER I participate in a promotion that was sent directly to me via email.
This was a personal invitation by name. If I was not allowed to participate, why was the offer sent to me?

I feel that I did nothing wrong. I feel that I took advantage of a legitimate offer and it was revoked because I happened to win. I met all of the terms and conditions of the promotion. Ask Richard what would have happened if I had lost my deposit and bonus. Would they have refunded my deposit?
Seems to me that TonyD has supplied enough fact for an independent check of Extreme's logs. Or Casino Extreme management could easily disprove his story by simply forwarding a copy of their email barring him from their promos...

TonyD can presumably also produce the email directly inviting him to participate in an Extreme promo after his alleged banning... If he was sent that email (even in error by Extreme staff) then that is their liability and they should pay up.

All-in-all ample material to prove the case of one side or the other.

I would say that it is now Show and Tell time?
I am pasting the email offer I am referring to below:

Subj: $100-00 Free for XMAS at Casino Extreme!!!
Date: 12/22/2001 2:09:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: tonyd*******
Sent from the Internet (Details)


Its Christmas Time again!!!

To celebrate the Festive Spirit of Christmas Casino Extyreme is Giving

Tony D***** a $100-00 Gift!!!

Thats right we will match your next deposit Dollar for Dollar!!!

Here is your code: *****

Simply enter the code and make a deposit you will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100-00

This Offer expires on the 25th December Midnight EST

We will also be adding a little extra Christmas Cheer and giving away 30 $500-00 accounts to the biggest bettors between now and XMAS!!

Once again the Casino Extreme Team would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all joy and happiness over the Festive Season!!


Casino Extreme Management and Staff!!

Terms and Conditions

1. We require that the deposit and bonus are wagered 8 times

2.In order to cash in , you need to cash in a total amount greater than the sum of the purchase and the bonus.
This means that you will only be able to cash in if you make a profit greater than the amount of the bonus.
If your profit is less than the amount of the bonus, this amount will be credited back to your casino account for you to play with.
If you lose more than the amount of the bonus no restrictions will be imposed on your cash-in, other than the wager requirements noted above.
For example, if you purchase US$100 and receive a bonus of US$100,
then a cash-in of US$190 will result in US$90 being returned to your casino account,
and you will only be able to cash-in again once your balance exceeds US$100 (being the amount of the bonus received).
Using this promotional offer to wager on Roulette, Craps and Baccarat does not fulfill your obligations with regard to the total amount wagered.
This offer is subject to ongoing review and the right to change the offer and its terms is reserved.

We respect your privacy to remove yourself from this and future mailings from Casino Extreme simply reply to this message with the word REMOVE
in the subject line
I'd say that puts the ball in Casino Extreme's court?

Looks like a customized email promo offer to me and why would they send it to someone they have barred from playing their promos?

If it's a casino screw-up they ought to eat it and pay up.

If they still say they didn't send the email let's see what they've got to prove it.
This is nothing but typical bullshit theft on the part of Extreme. Even if they want to deny him his bonus they are STILL obligated to pay him ALL winnings minus the bonus. I fully believe this person and not a word coming out of that arrogant ass Richard's mouth. This is nothing but a Bull shit excuse from these thieves to steal.
I'll see if the casino has a comment about the email Tony D. received. I agree, if the casino slipped up, they should honor the promo.

Well, here's their comment:

Hi there Bryan

This case is closed this individual has a grossly abusive record and we are not interested in his case nor his business.


Grossly abusive record?? What a bunch of crap. This is yet ANOTHER case of theft by the crooks at Extreme. This player won way more money then the bonus amount and should be at least paid for the winnings. They can revoke the bonus( THAT THEY THEMSELVES OFFERED AND THEN GAVE HIM) but stealing the winnings goes to show what thieves they really are.

It is also a MAJOR sign that they are about to go under and are hurting. They are looking for any excuse to steal any winnings. And don't be fooled by their BS.. posting on player's boards DO hurt their business, and hurt it bad.
Bryan with that unacceptable response from Extreme why haven't you added them to your Rogue section yet?

Spearmaster, why are you still accepting advertising from these crooks?

Extreme finally got kicked out of the OPA after embarrasing them for a long time. Just the information about Warren Cloud being associated with this place should be enough for any reputable portal, organization, etc to blacklist them and Casino Heat also.
Man, I only have two hands that type! :D

Honestly, I'm going through some related stuff at the moment, and right now I'm not satisfied with this response. The casino (Warren) is very quick to respond, but the explanations are not thorough enough for my tastes.

Casino Extreme has been around for a while and is reviewed here at Casinomeister

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