Croatian casino - Potential scam


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Dec 17, 2015
I am putting some screenshots so you can see what I am talking about.

I've marked the spins from the screenshots that aren't logically matching my real bets.

As you can see, all of the spins were losing ones ( ''gubitni'' in croatian language) , and all of them were between 30-33 kunas.

In the first picture, you can see that the game recognized my bet as 140 kunas on numbers I didn't play.
In the second picture,it says I've put money (10 kuna) on red colour and actually won money.
In the third picture, it says I've made a bet on first and second column (4 kunas).

So the bets aren't even close matching my real bets which you can see in the hands history list I have marked red.

All the other 7 hands match my actual hands. But these three make no sense at all.


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Jun 3, 2013
Dún Dealgan
Maybe @LadyJelena can have a look at this as I believe she is from Croatia?
She might be better able to read the website as I have done everything with the translator.

All I can say is that the EGT slots are fine, they run from a legit server and the RTP% displayed are correct. ;)


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Jul 25, 2007
My apologies Metmen, I didn't mean to offend you - it's just something I've never seen before on a casino website. You can submit a complaint (see the top ribbon), so that our wonderful staff can look into it. Hopefully, they'll be able to help you.


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Dec 12, 2017
Supersport is legit casino that have licence, (png) and all is good i play there never had or heard about issue with them, but i only play slots, and i know that @gambyx7 also play slots there, i cant help coz i never ever play live casino sry


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Apr 13, 2017
Hello, I am from Croatia, and have been in the Casino industry in the UK for a while. I can help translate anything you need but I have not lived in Croatia or worked there for a long time.
I have been following the casino industry there and would caution everyone to stay away. It is a monopoly there, with the Casino owners and the government/ politicians all getting a piece of the action. As to whether their slots are legit or not, they have lots of room to manipulate users as the government is on their side, and they are not governed. As far as I'm aware Super Sport has several Casino brands in Croatia and their sites are a joke to me.
I can help with any translations, but I consider Croatian online casinos rogue, and I cannot see a way the Mafia is not in on it :)

Those help links are just links to hospitals, I would really like to see their faces when someone shows up and say they have a gambling problem :)

I wish it was still Yugo too, that's the only country I ever had, ever since the split, I've been half Serbian, half Croatian, still unable to choose sides
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Jan 22, 2016
First....I don't play roulette, but I think this is just horrible streak...I could blame MG and Bust the Bank in the same manner since I am waiting almost for 2 months just to get free RTP on this slot is way below 50%...but that's the way it is.....

Betshop Supersport offers Play'n'Go, Greentube (Novomatic), EGT, Synot/Easit, Tangente Games, Fazi.
I do think there is no legal problems.

But I also want to say this.....
I am sad because the offer is not that great (no Netent, BTG, Blueprint, Push....) and also because the minimal bets are too high: Captain Venture 0.80, Chicago (and six reelers Novomatic) and some other games min bet is 1.60!

And one thing, I KNOW that Lotusch will hate me, but I have to say: the best way to kill the balance is to play EGT! Now when I see that this roulette is from EGT, I could imagine the frustration. The varaince of 90% EGT slots/games is for jail. Sorry, this is my experience....
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