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May 19, 2003
Hi All,

I have a question - how long does a casino have to process a credit card transaction?

The reason for the above is that a well known online casino has recently contacted me saying I recently disputed transactions. This is not the case. In fact, I closed the account with the casino in question over 3 months ago.

All I can think is that I played 3-4 months ago and made a credit card transaction. The online casino have only got around to processing it. Yet I have also since cancelled all the cards i used to play with (I have stopped gambling you see). Hence they are getting a disputed transaction message.

I have only just heard from the casino today so don't know if the above is correct... only guessing.

Is there a limit on how long a merchant can wait to process a transaction though?

Credit card payments are usually processed about midnight, although the funds are usually instantly removed from the card they are held by a clearing centre until the final process. If there had been any charge backs on the account you would have already no doubt had a charge letter from the card issuer.

The way I see it is the casino's problem and nothing to do with you, if they credited your account in error then tough.. I could only see a problem if u cashed out but even then I dont see what legal recourse the casino would have.

In a word 'fuk em' email them back and tell them to forward any further correspondance to your lawyer, I doubt u will here back :)
Thanks for the reply - I did just that, although before you wrote back actually!! Sounds like my theory is spot on as the reason for chargeback was "late presentment".

Sounds like the casino mucked up and forgot to charge my credit card. By the time they realised I had closed the Credit Card account. But I told them I know nothing about a chargeback (which is true) and the casino said fine. Basically I think they know they made an error and were trying to pull a fast one and get me to give them money!!

All sorted now they - they said sorry and went away!!


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