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My wife and I Played on the casino ( ) on 01/20/2001 and deposited and lost $200.00. The deposit was accepted and no incident arose over the loss. Some time later we logged on again and deposited $300.00 and after playing awhile managed to win $5050.00. We cashed in and later recieved an e-mail saying our accounts were closed.
Upon contacting the casino several (10+) times and recieving very vague responses as to what is occuring with our cashout, I come to find out that they had no intention of honoring our winnings. They did offer, however, to return the $300.00 deposit. They never mentioned the $200.00 deposit and to this day (02/02/2001) they havent credited that back to my account. In other words they're keeping the money we lost.
They never sent me documentation stating that "I could no longer play on the casino or that my account was permenantly closed". I didn't falsify information ( Why would I? A check or bank account has to be in my name if I'm going to cash it) and when ommunicating with thier Security supervisor I've recieved vague and undetailed responses.
His reasons as to why they are not going to credit us with the winnings are unjustified and have no merit. I submitted documentation that they had requested at an earlier time but they claim they never recieved it. I offered to submit it again, but they never responded to that idea. It all seems fishy to me. This Casino does not have a telephone # and all communication was done electronically. Prior to this I've recieved solicitations to play, If I used a card that was near or pushing above its' limit I would recieve a "Decline Notice' that contained invitation "try another credit card", and if I lost they kept the money. Now I finally win an they refuse to pay me. Is this right? Is this Fair? Plaese tell me!

If you don't want to get stiffed on a Bet stay off of CASINO-ON-NET !
Don't give up. C.O.N does have a phone #. Its not toll free, but I have called it myself so I know it exists. I'll try to get it for you.

1)Contact the IGC and file a complaint.
2)Post this same message on
Joel, the webmaster, advertises these guys, but he gives a damn about player complaints like this, and will above and beyond to help you get paid.
3)Contact the software provider- Random Logic in Israel and demand a full audit trail. As an IGC member, Random-Logic is required to make this available. This company is located in Israel. I will try to get you thier phone #. Since you have a real chance at 5000 its worth paying 50-100 for the long distance call to Israel.
4)Go to and click on Gamblng Grumbles. Then file a complaint against C.O.N. This site will also go above and beyond the call of duty, and if the casino accuses you of fraud, they will attempt to make the casino substantiate this.
5) Last and most important of all -- Become a member of the OPA, and file a complaint. It costs $25, but the OPA is probably your best hope of getting your funds. Still there are no guarantees.
I've just contacted Casino-on-net to see what they have to say. I would like to have this ironed out immediately since we have been considering whether we should recommend them or not.

Dear Bryan,

This is Dylan DeSilva, Security Supervisor at Casino-On-Net. I would
like to thank you for allowing me time to respond.

Mr. Marinho has wrote you that he and his wife played in our casino on
the 01/20/2001 and deposited $200.00 in one account and then opened
another with $300.00. He goes on to state that the accounts were then
closed and that when he contacted us he received "vague responses" as to
the reasons why. What he has not informed you about is that he has been
a client of ours since the 03/18/2000 and has played before in the
casino. On the 07/18/2000 he received a notice from another member of
the Security Team at our casino informing him that a credit card that he
had used to make a deposit with us was not in his name. When this occurs
we view it as a potential fraud case, as the person may be using a
stolen credit card, and ask the client for documentation to verify his
name and address. Mr. Marinho was asked for this documentation and was
told that for Security reasons his accounts will be closed until he
could provide us with this. He then wrote us on the 07/19/2000 stating
that he was unaware that guests could not play on someone elses account
and was again told by Mr. Dell of the Security Department that in order
for his accounts to be reopened he will have to send us the documents

These documents were never sent although he keeps suggesting to do so.
Mr. Marinho also found a very convenient excuse of claiming that he
sends the documents, but we do not receive them. We are asked to believe
that out of hundreds of documents being sent to us every day, somehow
only his documents never reach us.

Mr. Marinho continued to open seven other accounts with us and deposit
money. This was done on the following dates: 8/6/00, 8/17/00, 11/3/00,
11/11/00, 1/20/01, 1/20/01 and 2/6/01. All his accounts were blocked and
deposited funds returned. When a client that is blocked from play in the
casino opens up a new account , it takes a few hours for our team to
complete their full investigation and to close that account. We have to
make sure that we are not blocking an innocent member who has similar
registration information.
This is why Mr. Marinho was able to play for a few hours on the 01/20/01
and win money before his account was blocked. On the account that he
requested the $5050.70 cashout, he had deposited $300. The $300 was
refunded to his card and he was informed that he will not be able to
receive the cashout as he still had a dispute pending with us and we had
not received documentation. This was explained to Mr. Marinho in many
e-mails by both myself and members of our Support Department. According
to our policy, the $200 could not have been returned out of the cashout
because he did not use that card to make the deposit. The funds
(200+300) were otherwise returned by our Accounting Department.

Concerning him receiving "solicitations to play" on the day after his
account was closed, he most probably received our bi-monthly Newsletter
informing him of the upcoming promotions. Apparently, when we prepared
the Newsletter to be sent to all active members of Casino-on-Net, Mr.
Marinhos account was still open. We then closed his account, but our
system was already set for that particular mailing. Nowhere in this
e-mail, however, did we state that his account would be reopened or that
he could open new accounts. Also, the e-mails asking him to try another
card were sent to him before his accounts were closed as he was
depositing with cards that were being declined by his bank. Once the
accounts were closed, we never asked him to try another card to deposit.

There are also a few general points that I would like to address.
With almost 1,000,000 members from virtually every country in the world,
Casino-on-Net is the largest on-line casino in the world. We did not
build our success by not paying our members. Nevertheless, we did
acquire trust and loyalty of our members by being able to stop and weed
out any fraudulent activity that could have harmed them. Mr. Marinho is
one of those members who are not welcomed to our casino because of their
fraudulent activity. We have notified him and reinforced our intent not
to allow him to use our services by repeatedly blocking each and every
one of the accounts opened by him and his associates. I can assure you
that we will continue to do so. is not the only public forum where Mr. Marinho aired
his complaint. Although it is his right, it is also our right to take
every measure necessary to protect the integrity of our casino and to
provide safe and enjoyable gaming environment for our members.

As a Security Supervisor at the largest on-line casino, I have to deal
with many problems on a daily basis. I give everyone my individual
attention and in some cases I do have to give clients responses that
they do not agree with. This was one of those cases as the facts do
clearly state. At Casino-On-Net our goal has always been to provide our
members with the best service and we are always willing to listen and
understand our members' needs and concerns.

I thank you once again for allowing me the time and space to explain our

Dylan DeSilva
Security Supervisor
Despite my disklike for Casino-On-Net, I must give them credit for a satisfactory explanation of events. So unless I hear a satisfactory rebuttal from the player, it looks as if C.O.N. handled everything appropriately.
Yeah, they are great at "talking trash", but the bottom line is that they do business on their OWN terms, and their claim of "customer satisfaction" is CRAP! And no, I am not Marinho, just another VERY UNSATISFIED player at CON..
Hi Anon,

So, why are you unsatisfied? What in your opinion is unsatisfactory at Casino-on-net?

Enquiring minds want to know.

O K Bryan, since "enquiring minds" want to know.....I am very unsatisified with their payout policy of charging back to CLOSED CC accounts.....since THEY accept deposits, from whatever method, they should honor the customers request for a payout!! I have seen this complaint in the past on this message board...(Steve, you had this problem)......And what about other customers requests for an audit trail, that was IGNORED?? Want more feedback?, just let me know.......
So anon,

If someone were to open an account using their credit card, and let's say, a couple of months later they lose the credit card. They cancel the card and order a new one from the bank. Then they decide to cash out their winings from Casino-on-net, and the casino tries to credit the original amount to the old credit card, but cannot since this card has been cancelled. It would make sense to me for them to write a cashier's check to the individual and fedex it.

Wouldn't the same thing happen at Walmart if you tried to return something that you purchased with a cc that had been closed? Wouldn't they give you a voucher for the amount purchased? I don't live in the states, so I can't call Walmart to find out, but I think that's what they would do. I'm using the states as an example since many casinos use customer service policies from the US as a business model.

These issues ought to be addressed in the Casino's faq on payment policies and procedures. It would save a lot of time and prevent a lot of bullshit stress.

Yes, Bryan, it would make sense! I have no problem with Bossmedia/Webdollar, since they don't charge back to any cards....they send a draft....I think that CON should do the same! Just something to think about.
G'day Bryan

I'm a new member and cannot let the casino-on-net issue go by without some input from me.

I have played with casino-on-net for nearly a year. My turnover is or lose CON operates with integrity. I have never had any problems getting paid...e-mails are always responded to without fail. I am saddened to see the problems people have with some of the on-line casinos...some of the names would turn me off. Put CON at the top of your list as a safe and professional place for serious gambling.

Before I started with them last May I checked them out as best as I could...Small deposits and bets to begin with until I was comfortable with them. I have had my share of rough patches,but plenty of good ones too. If you want more info I update records after each session and can make this available to you if you wish.
It is quite possible to make a refund to a cancelled credit card. I used to received refunds to my credit cards that were invalid on the moment of such refunds. Maybe, the cancellation reason matters, I dont know.

For example, my cards were cancelled because my bank issued new ones so the old ones became automatically invalid on a set date.

I purchased and lost at a casino, then few months later I won same amount on some no-deposit bonus, made a withdrawal request thinking they would send me a check. I got it as a cc refund despite the fact my card used to make the purchase was invalidated soon after the purchase and I never registered my new card.
Attn jen:
Maybe the player wants a check or draft, and doesn't want his/her credit card charged back.....CON REFUSES to honor customer requests to do this!! They STILL need to change their policy!!
Charging the card back with the purchase amount protects the casino from fraud.

The mycasino group listed on the ASX lost over 3 million because they sent deposits back in check form rather than returning the funds to the credit cards. Of course, the checks went to people using stolen credit card numbers, so the transactions were eventually disputed by the card owners, with the scammers receiving the funds from the checks.

It is only reasonable that deposits be returned to the card to protect casinos from this exact scenario.
Ok..I have a complaint about Casino on Net and I will take partial responsibility for it but please read on to the way they are handeling it. I had a minor open an account under my name and make charges to MY credit cards...3 different ones to be exact. This all started last Monday I believe. I was notified Saturday morning by another one of my cc companies that someone had tried to use my cc on an internet site but entered the wrong experation date and it was declined. I immediately emailed Casino on Net and asked for my account to be cancelled and explained what had happened. This happened at about 10 yesterday morning. I was then emailed back that they had NO way of knowing how old someone is and this minor did actually lie so believe me he was in the wrong and i know it. I don't even know the total sum that was charged to each account and I have in several emails to Casino on Net asked for a listing of that but have been unable to get it. As a matter of fact, NO ONE from casino on net will even email me back. I've emailed the customer support people and the manager several times. It's just amazing to me that in 4 days thousands of dollars can be charged but they now can't even take 5 minutes to try and help me out with this. I've never used an online casino before and this is really giving me a bad taste.
Yeah, been there, done that......CON doesn't give a crap about their "customers" needs of requests.....they will occasionly reply to this board with their "high handed"
garbage.... but they are still NOT respecting their "customers" that SUCKERS wishes!!!!
Just a note to the message of "complaint" I filed yesterday. I was just contacted by casino-on-net stating that the only reason I had not been contacted was because security doesn't work on the weekends. Maybe I got a little hyper too fast. The email was from an asst manager and it was very polite.
Minor? One of your kids? A relative? Step kid? Neighbor Kid? If the card was stolen, just call the credit card company and contest the charges. You won't have to pay if you didn't make the charge.

But from the tone of your post, it dounds as if you know this "minor".

The fact is this "minor" needs a good ole fashioned ass whooping. Yeah, I know that's not politically correct, but too bad.

One swift kick in the rear, and this kid won't be making anymore charges with your CC. Problem solved.

Sorry, but I don't see CON as being at fault on this one. But this "minor" needs sure needs some tough love.
Of course you dont see CON at being at fault......since you work for them....don't try to cloud the subject!! CON Ignores their customers (suckers) requests!!
Hi all,

Even though the casino was not at fault, there should be a method that will quickly eliminate this dilemma, and this is one of the largest problems that face online casinos: player fraud. If you hear of one (effective method), let us know and perhaps we can pass it on.

The casino should have acted on this right away, and I'm rather surprised they didn't. I have a lot of good responses from players concerning this casino. I hope that this was an isolated case.

Well, CON responded yesterday that they play that took place didn't match the profile of a 15 year old. I personally would love to know what the profile they look for in a 15 year old. Because he took out insurance he was an advanced player I guess. Let me say this, the 15 year old did get into tons of trouble. Again, I thought I was doing the right thing my notifying Casino on Net of what had happened. I will also say this, I KNOW that I'm responsible for my credit cards, but something like that goes above and beyond my accountability. That was just an unfortunate happening. The sad thing is that I've asked since Sat for a listing of what has been charged and to what cards and I've YET to get it. I then asked yesterday to see the game history myself and I've also not gotten that. This has been going on for 4 days now and I know NOTHING.
My advice?

a.The 15 year old is banned from the computer except for homework.
b.Serves him right to use an electric typewriter for homework.
c.Contact your credit card company and do a chargeback. Point out it is at an Internet site and that you have a 15 year old and they will give you no guff at all.

For you, as an adult, is it worth it to be able to continue to gamble online (I'm assuming that is why you are trying to avoid a chargeback?) and set a negative example for your kid who is already showing incredible irresponsibility?
No, actually I've never gambled online so I don't care to be blocked from it. I was just trying to avoid a chargeback for Casino on Net. I was really hoping that they would do the right thing. Since my negligence is how he got the information, I was willing to take responsibility for a small part of the debt which for Casino on Net would be better than me doing a charge back. And I don't even know the total amount of debt. My card companies told me what they presently have but they said that doesn't mean everything has posted.
Grab the 15 year old by the ears. Then with your left hand smack him as hard as you can in the back of the head until his eyeballs rattle.

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