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Aug 17, 2002
I finally decide to make an initial deposit of $50 and I am informed that the 100% match bonus is only applicable for accounts opened after Aug 19th. I received the $10 trial funds in March as well as many emails offering the 100% bonus. I phoned support and am now being told their accommidation offer is that the 15% bonus for using a prefered method of payment ($7.50) as well as the $10 trial funds will be subtracted from the 100% initial deposit bonus which leaves me with $50 - $7.50 - $10 leaving $33.50. Am I missing something? Do they do this with cash-ins? Has anyone heard of this happening anywhere else? I anticipated $50 match and $7.50 for payment type making $57.50 NOT $33.50. The email they sent that enclosed this offer assured me that they would work at this kind of "error" not happening again. Left handed comfort to me!
I thought they were reputable or I would not have deposited with them. Do they buy votes?
If anyone could provide an explaination I would appreciate it.
I had looked into CrazyVegas, too, I knew that the 15% bonus was sticky for any purchase under $100, but the 100 percent match bonus for deposits of 25, 50, 75 and $100 didn't have a "good only AFTER" disclaimer on it. That offer had actually said (and still says) "This offer is only valid for a limited period." From which any reasonable person would infer that you better HURRY. If in fact the limited period doesn't start yet, with no beginning date announced, CrazyVegas could just keep setting forward the unpublished date. You wuzn't robbed, because it was bonus money, but I think you wuz robbed.
I became soooo tired of a continuous sting of emails with a slightly different answer each time I was ready to block all incomming from them!
I was offered a comprimise of a 100% match MINUS the 15% bonus for having used Paypal. They didn't take the $10 they had offered for taking a look around their site. I am glad this is finally over and we were able to reach some kind os agreement. Thank you so much for the supportive email.

Our Pit boss, has credited your real account with $42.50 at 8/17/2002 11:13am EST, to make up the balance for your $50.00 match bonus(i.e. $50.00 less $7.50 purchase bonus).
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I was offered a comprimise of a 100% match MINUS the 15% bonus for having used Paypal. Actually, this is the correct amount. You are not supposed to be entitled to the 15% on your first deposit, only 100% match bonus. Trust me, I did the exact same thing you did late last week, and after a temporary lockout, got the bonus as promised.
In response to Ravens query:

Raven had originally opened a Real Casino with Crazy Vegas Casino on 08/03/2002. For this account, the Player had taken advantage of the $10 Free Bonus for downloading and registering a Real account with Crazy Vegas Casino. Thereafter, on the 15/08/2002, Raven had opened a new account and purchased $50.00 and requested the 100% match Bonus for this purchase on this the second account.
Account 1 - opened on 3/8/2002 - $10 awarded
Account 2 - opened on 8/15/2002

As Per Casino terms and conditions a player may only have one real download account so her acc #1 was locked
Strictly one real account per household is permitted
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( 1 : Eligibility-Point 2 ) - Raven at this time had two active accounts with us. Any other online casino would have considered this events as abuse and immediately would have locked out both accounts. The Crazy Vegas Casino Support Team took the decision, giving Raven the benefit of the doubt, assuming that she could have made a mistake and opened the duplicate account in error.

Her first account was then closed as Raven had played the Free $10.00 that was awarded to this account, and a purchase bonus was credited to the second account, which had been made her primary account. When Raven requested for the 100% match bonus, the management of Crazy Vegas Casino again took a decision and as a gesture of good faith, agreed to award Raven a total of $50.00 in bonuses. As per standard promotion, every PayPal Purchase will receive a 15% Purchase Bonus. Raven had already received the 15% purchase bonus of $7.50 for her $50.00 PayPal purchase on her second account. Note also that she had also received the Free $10 on her original account, thus giving a total of $17.50 in bonuses already awarded to Ravens Crazy Vegas Casino Account. i.e. $50.00 - $10.00 - $7.50 = $32.50

We then notified the player of our offer, however this offer was not to Ravens satisfaction. It was then decided that we would not remove the $10 Free Download bonus credited to her first account and awarded a total of $42.50 to Ravens second casino account, thus giving her a total of $60.00 in bonuses from Crazy Vegas Casino, she thus received more than a 100% Match Bonus.

We felt that these actions were correct in resolving this matter satisfactorily for all concerned parties.

The Support Team,

Crazy Vegas Casino
In response to Cybergrays query:

We thank you for your constructive criticism and have amended our Website accordingly.

Kindly note that when any new promotion is established at Crazy Vegas Casino, we update our web page and notify all affiliates and gambling portals relating to Crazy Vegas Casino punctually and in detail of the change. Please note that according to our terms and conditions, Crazy Vegas Casino reserves the right to change the promotion offer at any time without notice.

As per our 100% Match Bonus; bonuses up to a maximum of $100 will be given on the initial deposit. This offer started on the 19th July 2002 and is only valid until the 19th September 2002.

All subsequent purchases, (after your 1st purchase) using PayPal, Neteller, ACH and now PrePaidATM will receive a 15% PURCHASE BONUS (subject to Terms & Conditions ) and all purchases made with credits cards, Mastercard & Visa & FirePay will receive a 10% PURCHASE BONUS (subject to Terms & Conditions ).

Kindly note that the FREE download bonus promotion has been replaced by the 100% MATCH BONUS and the player will not qualify for both bonuses.

Kind Regards,
The Support Team,
Crazy Vegas Casino.

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