crazypoker is a big scam?


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Aug 11, 2005
today my friend told me the forum.then i thanks him and the forum.i may post and Complaint crazypoker.
a month ago,many friend told me is a great poker site.
i depoisited $70,then lose all,i deposited $50 again,when i reach $200,i cash out,but they email to me that i haven't reach enough raked hands,i am surprised,i needn't bonuses,why i need reach a quality raked hands?
i have to play again,when i reach more than 300 raked hands,i request payment again..then they email to me they need my photo and other information.i sent my photo etc to them.then they need me tell them others name with me playing.i don't know other player'name.but i try to reply.
some days ago,i can't login my account.i live chat to them?they told me i am a high risk player?so they lock my account.

they are cheater?they stole my $120 and so rude?

sorry, my english is poor!very sorry!
okay you convinced me i will never go there

keep trying to contact them!!
the raked hands requirement is pretty normal, but the way this is going??

But you convinced me i will never go there!
Hi mingyue,

And welcome to the forum. As a courtesy, please PM the casino representatives when you are posting a complaint. They can't do anything about this if they are not contacted:

VPL is your rep:

I've PMd him, so he should be jumping in here shortly.
raol said:
They think you are colluding (cheating) with other players?

Agreed. They are obviously convinced you are a colluder. :eek:

I have played Crazy Poker and had no problems. They will request ID on cashout. But assuming you are a real person and play legitimate poker you should have no problems here.

Its on the Prima Poker network and Crazy seems to have some pretty good promotions. I will continue to play there and would recommend it to any of my poker playing friends. :thumbsup:

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