CRAZY WINS at slotsmillion double doa hit


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Jun 4, 2013
So im playing doa at slotsmillion at 90 cent bets and bam i hit the 5 scatters and get the 2500 bet i was kicking ass so i doubled up my bet
and BAM i get the scatters again this time on $1.80 heres a screen shot of the second hit both within 100 spins i think its a world recordNoname.jpg
Congrats, especially because you had sizeable stakes :thumbsup: :D

Had something similar at VS 2 weeks ago but @ 0.36 + 0.90 bets only and just over 500 spins in between. Nothing since though :oops:
Apart from the obvious fact that I'm jealous :)eek:) this truly is quite astounding really and extremely rare to say the least! Well done on your hits :thumbsup:

That's the good side of DOA. In fact, now that someone's made a breakthrough, it's time we all hit this slot. We know it loves to pay out in bunches.

Let's go people! :machinegu

Cheers guys i cashed out a nice 6k left some in play got no idea what to buy. i asked about getting the session stats when i get them ill ad them to the thread it a pretty rare thing from my experience i can now see about 10 of you jumping on the game ;)

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