Crazy Vegas Loyality Points - is add like a bonus with max cashauts .....


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Dec 6, 2011
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Im dont know live chat give me corect answers informations but....

Im reddem 500 Loyalyty Points for only 2.25$ to make few spins and win - Noticed they dont add it in real cash ( like 99% casinos do when we reedem money from our wagering in last period)

So system add me this in bonus 2.25$ - Next rulez say you can max bet 30% of recived bonus so in this case this is 0,61$ ( in moment when bonus is active) .... Next live chat say this is no deposit bonus so max cashauts is 200$.....

For erned 2€ ( 500 Loyalyty Points ) Need wagered 5000€ in slots in green status

So if this is true then - In microgaming we erned loyalyty points only in 30 days period - to erned 500 Points need wager probably 5000$ in slots (making usually few or more deposits in this period ) - if we not colect and reedem in in 30 days period next system in new month dealted points and need erned it again.

After finaly somone erned it then they add it like a bonus with max cashauts 200$ ? -- Lol this is not same like no deposit bonus free spins or free chips.

First this shoud be add like a real money secund thinngs how they can set up some max cashauts winings for Reedem Loyalyty Points ?

Example : if somone is High roller with some silver or golden vip status and wager 400 000$ or 500 000$ in 30 days period and colect points for reedem amount 200$ or 300$ - then they add it like a bonus and say this is free money so max cashauts is still only 200$

Im think something is not ok in this case in Crazy Vegas or they have very bad rulez for Loylayty points compared with other casinos where we reddem points for real money without any max cashauts.

or live agent give just not corect answer in this case but if this is true then very stange they trade money from reedem points same like other no deposits bonus with max cashauts.

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Vegas loyalyty lounge - even Silver and Gold vip status have same rulez .... for big wagering can reedem some bonus money $ with wagering x 40 and max cashauts 200$ ?
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Mar 21, 2012
Thats not really fair, Only platinum will go into cash to get to that level you need to spend about 170.000 I say around that due to getting more points for your money when you move up level,

Loyalty point and level are valid for 3 months NOT 30 days, When you reach the high level than 200.000 = $100 :what:

Not a verry good system as you have to be a big roller to get to hight level and the rewards are rubbish