Crazy casino glitches.


aka LooHoo
Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
So first it was RTG - play a game, go back to the lobby and the lobby doesn't load so you're stuck and have to shut down the casino and then you can't log in for 10 minutes. Lots of hangs and stutters and jerky reels.

In the past couple of days I played at 2 different MG casinos - every other game I try to open does that weird flashy thing, you have to exit out before it crashes the casino. Some games you can get back into right away, others you have to play a different game first. I went to play IR, it started doing that flashing thing, I clicked out of it and part of the game intro screen got stuck and I couldn't do anything - had to use task manager to exit the casino.


Is this only happening to me? I find it really annoying to have these kinds of glitches happening contantly, it really takes some of the fun out of playing. :(


Dormant account
Jul 18, 2011
Nope never happened to me. Except sometimes when I play Civ 5 :D
Last time I played at a microgaming casino I did have a slot spinning without an end to it. Had to leave game, and couldn't enter it again. So had to restart casino client to be able to play the game I was playing before it malfuntioned.

Could be related to windows though, or some other programs you run while playing.