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Jun 20, 2001
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I dont know if your trolling or not... your other posts on this forum seem to indicate you regularly indulge in this behaviour.

Yes, I am most definitely trolling. Apparently, a large amount of members seem to like that fact. Go figure :confused:

An example:

If a casino stated clearly,"Deposit and Deposit match will be deemed "Bonus funds". All winnings with bonus funds are non withdrawable. "Bonus Funds" are non withdrawable. At no time can you withdraw any monies from your casino account."

Do you think those terms are binding, NO, terms cannot be misleading and unfair to the consumer, no civil court in the UK will rule in favour of gala coral.

Awesome. Thankyou for your expert legal opinion. Please provide the precise legal precedence upon which you base such an opinion.

Also, could you please provide details of where you saw this "illegal" term? I've never seen any casino that uses it. If you're trying to make a comparison with the OP's case, you're not doing a very good job.

OP if you havent recieved your funds, i suggest you start sending messages on their facebook and twitter, i also suggest that you leave as many negative reviews as possible.

Perhaps the worst advice anyone could give when it comes to online casino disputes.

Posting negative reviews and comments to blackmail the operator will, in my experience, have the opposite effect and make it less likely that the OP will obtain a positive resolution.

Of course, if your legal opinion says otherwise, they should gratefully accept it and be thankful that you aren't billing them.

If all doesnt go well, send them a letter before action, and you WILL receive your funds promptly!

Yep. Just send them a letter. Works every time.

It's why the PAB service hasn't been used for several's just not needed.