Craig Levin RIP


RIP Brian

Tragic end for a talented young man

Craig Levin (31), who founded with his father, Graeme died tragically in a car accident last Friday July 22nd aged 31.

Widely known and liked within the online gambling industry, he was at one time Chief Technology Officer of what became the best known and most frequented Internet gambling portal in the business, which his father headed until it was sold in a management buy-out. The company was recently purchased by UK-based Gaming Corporation in a $20 million deal.

Following the first sale of 18 months ago, Craig continued his successful involvement in the management of the portal backend and was active in developing Bingo interests.

His funeral will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 26th July in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The InfoPowa partners extend their sympathy and condolences to Graeme and the family on this terrible loss.


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That's horrible news. My sympathies and condolences go out to Graeme and his family.


I only heard about this a few hours ago from Gaming Corp. Really sad news, I met Craig once and he was kinda quiet then, but I did communicate with him occasionally by email about advertising stuff.

Condolences to Graeme and family.


RIP Lisa
31 is much too young to die, very sad news indeed. My condolences to his family.


Dormant account
**This is a great loss for the industry and more so the family as a whole!
Having met and worked with Craig for many years, I wish
to let Graeme and Family know that our Thoughts are with
them on a personal more than a professional level!
We wish the family all the best! Petunia & Zentoid **