CPays Group (USA, NY, 32V, ...) Gone?


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Jun 11, 2006
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All of the CPays group casino websites seem to be redirected to a poker site. This includes 32Vegas, USA Casino, NY Casino, and Joyland. For most people here, this is not a big loss.

The casinos themselves appear to be active, but questionable. I received a cashout from 32Vegas today. The first two cashouts were listed as declined in my Neteller account as if 32Vegas did not have the funds to support the transfer. They tried 3 times over ~24 hours, until one went through.

Does anyone know what is going on?
From their website:

"Due to the imminent passing of the Federal Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act by the United States Senate on September 30, 2006, and in line with the high level of service that we have always provided to our affiliates, it is important for us to advise you that many of the websites we work with have decided not to accept wagers from residents in the United States. We will therefore stop handling U.S.-based traffic.
From their website:
Thanks. It would be nice if they put that message somewhere that US residents could see it, like a pop up alert when redirected to the unexpected poker site. It also is interesting that the casinos did not close my acounts and appear to still allow deposits and wagering from previously signed up US customers.

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