Courier Express Fee Terms


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Jul 18, 2004
Pacific NW
Without naming the casino which has a good track record of paying, etc., I am a bit confused by their check fee terms.

I had my first courier check on 9/20, then requested another 10/4. The last one was charged a $35 fee. The way I understood the terms, the first check for the month is fee free, any other check for that month has a fee.

From the website:

Express / Courier Checks
We are unable to process checks in amounts under $100, due to the costs of Bank processing and overnight fees. This option is also limited to some areas globally. The first overnight Express of the month you request is free, all others for the same monthly period are charged at $35.

Contacted the casino and received this reply:

Dear xxx,
It does not work on a calendar month
It is one month i.e a 30 day period

I get the fact there is a fee for a second withdrawal and have no problem with it. My confusion is one month = 30 day period from when the last withdrawal was done. That's not how I read their terms and think they need to say 30 day period.

Am I just reading this wrong?